I am Reine Matthews,

I act as a guide and supporter in the healing journeys of others.

After a Lyme Disease diagnosis I had some real soul searching to do. I got divorced and moved back home then decided to dive into full blown healing, inside and out. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. I studied the psychology of development, to help me get past my childhood programming and heal the negative belief systems that I was living with. The psychology of relationships, to help me figure out what my patterns were so I could break them and find healthy, happy, connected relationships after dealing with a tumultuous and painful marriage which ended in divorce. And the psychology of healing, to find alternative ways to heal besides the physical, such as energy healing. With my education and research I have found ways to live a life full of passion, health, vitality, and deep connection, within myself and with others.  

I was diagnosed years ago now, and it was a blessing in disguise since it made me have to change my diet, my lifestyle, my mindset, and belief systems, in order to feel well and function properly. In learning and applying the principles of holistic nutrition, positive mindset shifts, energetic clearing, and tapping into my feminine essence, I found out how these changes can improve health and healing inside and out, in a multitude of ways. I began to lose weight, feeling stronger and more energized. I began to feel more at peace and at ease within and feel good about myself and my life, even with all that I had gone through. In that I found a way to thrive despite my diagnosis. Then I started to connect spiritually, practicing yoga and meditation, and connecting with myself and making friends with my soul.

Since I myself found a way to thrive after dealing with a difficult diagnosis, along with my experiences and education, I am able to guide and support others in finding their way to health and wellness. Through the use of techniques from energetic healing and coaching, they too may lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. 



 AOS Degree in Mind Body

Transformational Psychology


  Holistic Nutrition 

Life Coaching 

 Conscious Living 

Holistic Wellness


Certified Angel Intuitive

Basic Law of Attraction Practitioner

I am a soulful spirit, child of nature, writer, and author, who is passionate about holistic health, healing naturally, and creating deeply connected loving relationships, with the addition of spiritual applications.

I love guiding and supporting others on their own healing journey in order to find themselves again.

I bless you all in pure love and light as you embark on the path to healing.


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