Blessing your food while it's still in the garden

So for those of you who have a garden and grow your own food this is a great way for you to add the spirit of the Divine to your meals before the food even comes into the house. Blessing your food while it's still in the garden is a beautiful practice, and once you get started it will become second nature to do so while you are in your garden. At least it has for me.

Any time I go out in to my garden I say blessings of gratitude and thanks to everything from the plants, the soil, the bees, and the food I pick to bring into the house. I walk in my raspberry patch and see bumble bees all over and I say "thank you Mr. Bumble for doing your job, thank you for pollinating my berries." I thank the water for nourishing my plants, I thank the plants for producing food that I am able to take in and eat that day.

It is such a blessing to grow your own food and be able to walk outside and say "what do I want to eat today?" then go out and grab it, bless it for growing and being there for you to eat, then taking it inside and creating a wonderful and fulfilling meal with it. Then blessing it again and being thankful for the food we are about to receive, at meal time.

Blessing your food while it's growing can help it to grow and thrive in ways you may have never thought of before. It shows the Divine that you are caring for your plants and the food that is coming from them. Honoring the Divine in that way brings you closer to spirit and makes eating a blessing in itself.

How do you respond to positive thoughts and positive words? Well, it's the same with all living things. Plants, animals, people, and the like. So do yourself and your garden a favor and go out and speak sweet words that are positive and uplifting that show gratitude and love for what you have there right in front of you and you will reap the rewards in multiple ways.

Are you interested in learning to grow your own food?

If you haven't started a garden and want to learn more please feel free to leave a message and let me know. What do you want to learn and know about gardening?

If you are already into gardening, tell me what do you love about having a garden and growing your own food?

Please share and comment below.

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