Spiritual Eating, what is it?

Spiritual eating is something that to me is very important. It brings the Divine into daily life in a whole new way. By incorporating spiritual eating into your day you will feel the benefits of connecting with the Divine by doing something you already do each day, you EAT.

What is spiritual eating you may ask? Well, it is mindful eating, it is eating in a way that makes you slow down, it is preparing your meals with intention, it is blessing your food before you eat it, it is taking the time to honor your food since your food is honoring you and your body with the nutritional value it contains.

Lets take a look at some of these pieces right here.


Being mindful when eating is all about being aware of what you eat and why you are eating it. Taking care to eat well and nourish your body. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Are you making the right food choices?

When you are preparing your food are you doing it with love?

Are you eating for the right reasons? (are you really hungry, or are you craving comfort?)

Are you eating to care for yourself and your body?

Are you taking the time to slow down and honor your food? (prayers and blessings)


Now slowing down is good for anybody in this day and age where everything is moving so fast and everyone seems to be so busy trying to get to one place or another. So taking the time to slow down and really enjoy your meals is important. It is food for the soul. What better way to nourish yourself than to not only feed your body with food, but also feed your soul with presence. Slowing down is about being present. With yourself and your loved ones. Who ever you share your meals with even if you live alone and eat by yourself. Be sure to be present with yourself. If you have a family take the time to be present with them in the moment during a meal. It will make all the difference in the world in your life and theirs. Slowing down also means taking the time to say a prayer of thanks and bless your food before you eat it. There are actual studies out there that show positive words over water and meals actually make the water/meals healthier and better for you. Here is a great article on this very subject (http://www.okinhealth.com/articles/benefits-of-blessing-of-food)


What is intention? The definition of intention is an aim or plan and the healing process of a wound. Wow! Right? The first part makes sense, but the second part, that intention is the healing process, that is BIG. If you want to heal in any way set an intention and eat well. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your intentions.

What is your aim or your plan for eating?

What is your purpose for eating?

Are you eating to heal your body?

Are the food choices you making going to help you achieve that for yourself?

How do you think you could incorporate spiritual eating into your life?

Do you want to learn more about it?

Contact me today through my website here or on facebook at the links below.



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