How to bless your food

Some of you might be wondering, how do I bless my food? What am I supposed to say? The answer is that it really doesn't matter as long as it is something positive. A simple "Thank You" can go a long way. But if you want something more I decided to create some blessings you can do for specific foods that are often used pretty regularly. So here it goes...

Carrots - "Thank you carrots for growing long and strong, full of vitamin A that keeps my body strong and healthy."

Onions and Garlic - "Thank you onions/garlic for your strong potency that aids in healing and bringing the body back to a state of wellness."

Oranges - "Thank you oranges for your amazing scent that brings a smile to my face and lifts me up, thank you for your vitamin C that keeps my body healthy and going strong."

Lettuce and greens - "Thank you for the chlorophyll that gives my body energy and clears out the toxins."

Apples - "Thank you for providing me vitamin C and healthy fiber keeping my insides clean and clear."

So now you get the idea. If you know what a food is known for providing in the form of it's nutrients it is a great thing to thank that food for.

You can also do more simple blessings in general such as:

"Bless this food we are about to receive."

"Thank you for this food that is nourishing and healing to my body."

"Thank you food for growing then sacrificing yourself so that I may live."

"Thank you for this harvest that ensures that my family will eat through the winter."

"Thank you for providing health and nutrients to me and my family."

What do you think?

How do you bless your food?

Do you have any blessings you would like to add?

Please leave comments below.

Thank you.


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