How my cat helps keep me present

My cat Sylvie is a snuggler. I call her my little snuggle kitty. When I lay on my back she will come lay on my chest with her head snuggled under my chin and start purring. It is the most comforting and soothing thing in the world for me.

Laying there feeling and listening as her purr reverberates through my whole body all my cares and worries seem to just fade away. I feel so calm and relaxed and at ease. In that moment I am present right there with her. It is almost trance like. It often helps me to fall asleep easily and effortlessly. That is until she stops purring. Then the moment is gone. I wake from the comforting trance and the world comes back to me, but for that brief moment I was completely present and not thinking about anything, I was just BE-ing without a care in the world. For that I am truly grateful and feel so blessed to have such a cat in my life.

She knows when I am not feeling well, when I am having one of my "bad" days, and she comes to offer comfort. In that she does very well. My cat will always love me, even if in those moments where it feels like no one else does. So thank you Miss Kitty for granting me the gift of your presence and comfort and helping me to just "BE" at least once a day.

How many people's lives do you think would benefit from such presence and love? How many lives would improve with such a simple thing as someone's presence and comfort?

All of them. All the lives of all the people, would benefit from moments like these. I know my life is better for it.

What are your thoughts?

Please share.


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