Waterfalls as a Way to Connect with the Divine

Just the other day I took my dog Chase with me to my sacred space. It is a place that takes an hour and forty-five minutes to drive to (and then back) and just a few minutes to hike in, but it is so worth it. There are two waterfalls at this sacred place and it is the most enchanting place in all the world to me.

I hadn't been up there in years I finally realized and how sad it was to figure that out. I had never even taken Chase up the river and he's four years old. WOW! I couldn't believe it. I hadn't been to one of my favorite places in that long? Spending time in the woods and up the river was once a huge part of my life and what I did in my spare time. What happened to me? Well I know what that is, but that isn't for this blog post (there are others that do tell that story.)

So here I was driving along with my dog in the back seat and I decide I am going to my falls. I started to smile, just knowing that I was headed in that direction. It was a beautiful sunny fall day. Perfect temp. outside and just the day for us to spend it in the woods. This place is special, I have felt it from day one, ever since my first time going there. It feels different than other places. As you hike the trail towards the main falls, you can feel the temp. drop, the greenery around you getting darker, feel the dampness, and sense the moss that surrounds you. It feels peaceful and calm, It feels like having tea with the Divine. Like this place was set just for me, welcoming me in and making me feel like home. I could feel the presence of spirit, of the earth, and an essence of being between time and space or between worlds if you wish. I was hundreds of miles away from civilization, society, and the world. It is the best feeling of all.

There I felt Divine healing, I felt so present as if nothing else mattered, perhaps nothing else did matter. I stood there for a while at the edge of the pool below the falls, grounding myself, taking in that healing energy, feeling so grateful to have been inspired to go there again after all this time that I got teary eyed. I cried, tears of gratitude and joy. Sad that I had taken so long to get back there. I vowed to make sure to it out there at least twice a year from here on out. It is mandatory in my life, for my spirit, for my healing, for my well-being. It is a must, I know that now after finally being there again after all this time. I didn't want to leave. I wish I had brought a blanket, some food and water, but I had not thought ahead, I just drove. So next time I will make sure I take stuff with me so I can stay longer, but regardless of being unprepared, it was so worth it.

Thank you God for creating such an amazing, beautiful space, thank you for helping me listen and take inspired action. That was truly the best thing I have done for myself all year. Lets make sure it doesn't take me years to get back there.

What inspires you? Do you have a sacred space or sacred place? Have you been there recently?


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