Apples - Some Things You May Not Know

Apples are the best harvest time fruit, so what better way to end the harvest season than to talk a little bit about the lesser known facts of apples. They have been used for centuries, not just as a food, but in spells, rituals, and for medicinal purposes. So here are some things you may not know about our harvest fruit, the Apple.

Because of the abundance that apples produce on an apple tree in autumn it is the key to understanding what the apple tree has to offer. It shows those who wish to see it, how to give all, in total trust that all will be replenished. The apples come back every year despite the winter. The message from an apple tree is to value and celebrate all you have in your life. The Apple tree shows us that we can keep our trust in times of lack, and teaches that our true power is built by giving with full generosity, having faith that all will come back to us. What we give out we shall receive, and that is what the apple reminds us of.

Apples are the symbols of ones hearts desire in the Celtic Book of The Dead. It symbolizes desires fulfilled and received. Whatever your hearts desire shall come to you when you draw the apple.

The Apple as a Celtic symbol in general represents magic, health, and mystical knowledge. It has long been seen as a magical fruit, the fruit of the gods, used to give the person who consumes it immortality. It also brings a person to a deeper more spiritual place within themselves. It is an omen of good health and prosperity.

Apples have also been used in many spells and rituals for love, finding love, bringing love to you, finding your soulmate and similar types of practices. So eat and apple with intention to give and receive love, eat it from a place of love, and see where the abundance shows up in your life.

Apples are also very good for you overall as a food. It aids in digestion and helps ease stomach upsets. It is a cooling food and can help with ailments associated with heat such as fever and inflammation.

What do you love best about apples? Was there anything mentioned here that surprised you?

Please comment and share below.


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