A New Way To Love - For Valentine's Day

Surrendering and allowing yourself to give and receive love. Having faith that it's all going to work out just fine and let go of expectations. Things aren't always going to be the way you want them to be or the way you "think" it should be, one must learn to allow things to be just the way they are, no matter what that looks like. Especially when it comes to relationships with others because they have a different view and idea of what things should look like as well. So instead of allowing your beliefs and thoughts run the show, along with theirs, let it all go, sit back and relax, enjoy the ride and be open to seeing where it takes you.

Now for me this is a whole new concept, but I really believe in it. I want to point out how important it is to find the right partner that makes you feel completely safe and comfortable with yourself in all ways. So that you can feel better able to surrender, allow, and just be. It is hard when you don't feel safe or comfortable with the other person. This practice in itself wont always feel safe and comfortable until you start practicing and get used to the process. But when you are with someone that makes you feel safe and comfortable, those moments wont feel so bad or hard, and it will help you get through it and move forward together.

That is what love relationships are all about to me. It's about feeling safe, comfortable, and able to be yourself, it's about healing inside and out, it's about being open, honest, and real with each other, no matter what comes up. It's about growing and evolving together. As you do those things and continue to have fun and enjoy each other, love is then more able to grow and evolve as well.

Do you want to have a relationship like that some day?

Are you ready to take a new approach to your love life?

Please email me, or leave a comment below.

I am here for you.

In peace, love, and light.

Blessings dear ones.

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