Life With Lyme Disease #4

This experience with Lyme disease has brought me a whole new awareness of myself and my life, as well as life in general. It has brought me more inner peace, and taught me how to be more present with myself and others, to cherish each moment, and to honor myself and others in the process of life. To notice the little things and be appreciative of them more. It has brought me to a deeper connection with life that has been beautiful and profound. I wish that for you too beautiful soul, on your journey, on your path, may you find inner peace, presence, and beauty in each moment. May you cherish yourself and those you are with, may you learn to love yourself and your situation, feeling grateful for the experience, just as I have. May great things be headed your way dear ones. You are amazing just as you are. Believe in yourself and keep moving forward, one small step at a time and watch yourself blossom and grow, just as I have. May you find the health and wellness that you seek, and share that treasure with others when you are ready. Just as I have.

*This is taken from the final thoughts of my book Thriving After Diagnosis: Instead of Merely Surviving published in 2017. It is available for purchase on my books page.

May you all find the beauty in your situation, with or without a diagnosis that seems daunting. There is so much beauty in the world. Just be open to finding it.

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