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My fellow classmate and friend Stephanie Parajamas was kind enough to write this guest post to share with you all a few things she loves about Hypnotherapy.

Have a goal you are trying to reach? An obstacle to overcome? An emotional injury you just can’t shake? Hypnosis just might be the answer.

5 Reasons Why I Love Hypnosis

Deep Relaxation

If you have ever experienced a guided meditation or guided imagery, hypnosis is very similar to those. However, hypnosis has the amazing bonus of taking you deep enough to tap into your subconscious. This is where change happens. And it is extremely relaxing. The more you do it, the more relaxed you can get.

Fast Results

Because we are engaging your subconscious during the session, change can take place at a faster rate. Most of my clients state that they noticed a difference after their first session.

You Can’t Do It Wrong

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to use to reach goals. Sure there are tips to get the most out of the session, but really you can’t do it wrong. Upon awakening, some remember every detail of their session while others remember nothing. Some relax right away while others let their curiosity lead the show and don’t become as relaxed.

The obstacles that come up and are released are not necessary to remember for hypnosis to be effective. We don’t go look through our trash before we through it out right? We just know that we no longer needed that item and then discard it, release it.


Generalized hypnosis is pretty amazing and can do a lot. However, hypnosis can be personalized to fit what you want to see shift. It can assist with almost any goal. This is wonderful because it is using your wording and what you want to gain or let go of. Your subconscious might just be a bit more open to suggestions if they are your own.

Staying In Control

Even during hypnosis, you are in control the entire time. Your mind is pretty powerful and will not accept any suggestion that you do not want to do.

I really am fond of hypnosis. And though I do not diagnose, treat, or cure with this tool, it is amazing at helping people achieve the life they desire. It can be used along a team of health care providers as well for those wanting to use hypnosis for health related goals.

If you are wondering if your sessions are working, start to pay attention to what is different in your days. Are the differences related to your goal or desired outcome? Do you notice subtle differences? What are others noticing about you?

Use this information to strengthen your sessions by being honest when sharing with your hypnosis facilitator.

If you would like to try a free hypnosis in regards to a body goal, you can check out my YouTube Channel here

About Stephanie:

Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Certified Family Life Educator


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