What is childhood programming?

You may or may not have heard the term childhood programming before, if you have you may already have an idea of what this is or could be, if you haven't I am here to give you a basic overview of what it is and how it effects us in life. Either way I feel it's important for you to know it and be aware of how it could be showing up in your life.

First and foremost childhood programming consists of all the beliefs, thought processes, and ways of being that you were told were acceptable growing up, or weren't acceptable in some cases. It comes from what you are told, or what you see others do, how you see and hear others speak or treat one another as well as how they speak to, and treat you. These "others" are your parents, siblings, extended family, friends, teachers, and other prominent people that existed in your life when you were young.

These beliefs, thoughts, and ways of being were downloaded or programmed into your subconscious mind from infancy to about age seven. So all the things you were subjected to in those years, created the beliefs you have about yourself, about others, and about life in general. After the age of seven is when you start to implement them into your daily life, even if you don't realize that you are doing it. You start to act a certain way because of these things, you begin to speak in certain ways and start judging yourself and others based on what you were shown as a younger child. It hurts you and it hurts others to live in this way, and unfortunately most people don't even realize this is happening in their lives, even though it is.

As these things continue in your life you begin to create a persona of who you think you "should" be based on your childhood programming. More often than not this persona is not the real you. It is who you believe you are, or think you should be based on what you were told as a child. Based on how you were treated as a child and so forth.

If you were brought up in any form of dysfunction, which most of us have been in some way or another, you were given faulty programming as a child that continues to run the show now that you are an adult, that is until you gain this awareness and learn about your own childhood programming. How it shows up in your life, and where it originated from, only then can you start to re-program your mind and your belief system.

This is the cause of addictions, fears, phobias, detachment, problems communicating, problems in relationships, having a hard time connecting with others or retaining friendships, and more. It can often be the cause of depression, anxiety, and added stress on top of the usual daily stresses.

This is why it's so important for us to find out about our childhood programming, to realize what we were led to believe by those who were only doing the best they knew how. Don't allow this realization to be a reason to play the blame game, that gets us nowhere. And as I mentioned they really were doing the best they knew how. They too were brought up with faulty programming and were wounded and traumatized as well as children so don't hold it against them. It's not their fault, nor is it yours.

This is all part of the earthly experience. This is part of what we need to learn and heal within ourselves for our soul's journey to move ahead to the next stage. Otherwise you will continue to play out the same scenarios centuries from now. Don't be against learning new ways of thinking and being, and don't be against the release of the past. I know it can feel scary and uncertain, but it will improve your life in so many ways if you allow the transformation to happen. So all I ask is that you be open to it for now. At least be willing to hear about it and gain further information.

This gives us the opportunity to heal, to find ourselves and let go of the past. To recognize our truth, notice and acknowledge our programming, so that we can then re-program ourselves to a more loving, kind, and abundant way of thinking and believing.

If you need help and are ready to take the next steps towards healing yourself so you can heal your life and have something more for yourself I am here to help you with that. Allow me to be your guide and help you through it each step of the way.

Comments, ideas, suggestions? Please share them below.

Thank you beautiful souls, blessings.

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