Meditation = Profound Healing

I had the most wonderful and profound healing take place while meditating yesterday and just had to share. It includes the most powerful purifier, WATER, and deep visualization. I felt so light, happy, and good overall when I was done, I could tell I had gone through a deep transformation that I was not intentionally going for at the time, but I feel that if one had the intent to heal and transform they could obtain a similar result using the same visualization and techniques that came to me as if my intuition knew that is what I needed in that moment.

I was listening to some healing music on youtube,( at this link you can copy and past it into your browser to use the same music I did.)

While I was listening to these beautiful sounds I felt the desire to get into the bath and listen while in the bathtub. So I took the laptop and set it up just outside the door of the bathroom, lit a lavender candle and started filling the bath. I had the lights off, so it was dark with the light of a candle and some soft light coming from just outside the door which was open a crack. I fell into a trance like state, it felt like I was floating on the water, not just sitting in it. There were sounds from a drippy faucet in the sink, and some dripping from the shower head as well, which aren't usually the case, but I just let it be. There were more profound things going on within me to be bothered.

While listening to the sounds of the water drops, I had a vision of myself inside a cave or cavern, with a pool of water inside, I was laying in the pool of water, the water looked like golden light, and there was a soft golden light reflecting off of everything around me. With the sound of each water drop, I felt golden water hit my body and flow golden light into my very being. I felt so peaceful and at ease. I felt warm and nurtured in this space.

Then I saw myself as a little two or three year old girl, standing beside the pool in a bathing suit wanting to join me. She happily jumped in the water and I took her in my arms, curled up on my chest. Together we took in this healing golden light water, let it wash over us and release everything from the past. I felt my heart, then her heart open and light up, then rise up out of our bodies and into the air above us. Then two dragons came, one was my guardian dragon, and the other his father, and they both breathed fire upon our hearts, cleansing and purifying them with the energy of fire, warmth, and love. I watched as our hearts turned a beautiful pink, looking healthy and better than ever. Once the purification was complete, our hearts floated back down into our chest, the bigger one into my chest, and the little one into hers, and together we had bright golden light shining out from our whole bodies. I thanked the dragons for their healing and transformational breath of fire, and for their wisdom and guidance in my life.

I felt renewed, I felt reconnected with myself, and my soul. I felt whole again in ways I don't remember ever feeling before. Then my little girl self, crawled out of the water back to the ground beside the pool and put her dress on, then jumped back into the pool and swam up underneath me as I was still laying in the pool, and dove right into my back from under the water, and into my heart. As the light shone brighter and brighter, we had become one once again.

I thanked her, and blessed her, I told her how much I loved her and how grateful I was to have her in my life. And as I came back to normal waking life, sitting in the bath tub, hearing the sounds of water drops and healing music, I felt refreshed, renewed, and reawakened. I felt reconnected to myself and my wholeness.

When I got out and went about my day I just felt so good. I felt happier, lighter, brighter, I couldn't stop smiling, it felt amazing. I sat and read for a little while after, just feeling so inspired and connected within myself. It was the best feeling ever. This has been the best and most profound experience I have had while meditating ever. I often meditate while taking a bath, but this experience was something else. It was so much more.

Thank you for all these blessings and more.

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