What is the Ego, How Did it Come About...

Ah, the Ego, something that is so misunderstood, yet is such an influencing factor in our lives, that is, until we finally learn what it really is, how it came about, and what we can do about it. So what is the Ego, really? Well to put it simply it is the subconscious part of our minds that is run by our childhood programming and has been built over centuries. How did it come about? As mentioned it has been building over centuries, it likely was created by the individual as a protection or safety net to prevent ruffling feathers or causing upset in the clan, community, or family unit also in some cases protection from harm. If they were to fight against their "lot in life" someone higher ranking or in an upper class may find that threatening and have them killed. What I mean by this is that the Ego was created centuries ago when people were born into a certain class or certain job and there was little to no opportunity to change that. Back then if you were born into the family of bakers, you were destined to become a baker yourself when you came of age, no if's and's or but's. Whether you liked it or not that was your path. And thus the Ego was born, people started telling themselves that they weren't good enough to do anything else anyway, or saying "who am I to try and be something else?" and so forth. The Ego therefore was a defense mechanism that protected us from thinking outside the box, or from trying to go beyond our class. Back then it was dangerous to do so and often led to death for those who tried. So as protection, the Ego was created to remind us to stay where we were and continue on with societal norms. Centuries ago that was needed, fortunately for us now, we live in a time where anything is possible, were we can dream big and those dreams can come true no matter what we were born into.

In a reincarnation standpoint that means that those thoughts were programmed over centuries and still exist within us, partially if not fully, but we also have our childhood programming that comes into play today and likely did back then as well. Regarding what you are told and the experiences you have as a child, those things mold how you see yourself and others as well as what you believe about yourself and others. But that too can also be changed if you are willing to do so.

How do we change the protection mechanism that is the Ego? First you must start listening to how you speak to yourself, what do you tell yourself all day, what kinds of things do you say to yourself about yourself? Are they positive things? Are they hurtful or destructive? Think back and figure out where that belief came from. Was it something someone said to you or was it something you saw others do that made you believe it was true?

Once you figure that out, you are ready to start changing the programming into something good and positive for yourself. Think happy thoughts, think good things about yourself, do your best to also think good things about all others. No matter who they are, where they came from, or what they are doing, we are all individuals who have been wounded in some way and we are all doing the best we can with what we presently know. So be kind to yourself and others. Even if it's just in your mind to start. Self talk is a huge factor in our lives whether we realize it or not, but let me tell you that once you start changing your self talk to that of positive, good, and happy things, a shift happens within and great things start coming your way. Don't believe me, give it a try and see, keep it up for at least 21 days, for that is how long it takes to break a habit and create a new one, and you will find yourself thinking in a whole new and healthy way. The rest will then start to fall into place.

Take a chance on yourself, love yourself, and see where it takes you. It certainly never hurt anyone who started to speak positively about themselves and others. It will recreate your whole reality as you know it and it will be beautiful. It all starts from within. Are you ready to create beauty within so it can also be created through out your life on the outside as well? Take that next step and focus on the good things.

In peace, love, and light, beautiful souls. Blessings.

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