Healthy Ego vs. Unhealthy Ego

Yes, there really is such a thing as a healthy Ego, and of course there is always the unhealthy Ego, that is the one most people are running off of these days. So lets look at the two shall we?

First, what does a healthy Ego look like? Well, someone with a healthy Ego, knows their strengths and their weaknesses and doesn't see them as good or bad they just are, they speak kindly to themselves and others, they think positive thoughts about themselves, their lives, and others. They understand that others are only doing the best they know how and don't judge them for what others do or say. A healthy Ego, focuses on what they can improve upon while being gentle with themselves in the process. They are good to themselves and they love themselves and others. Someone with a healthy Ego does not let fear get in the way or allow the past to rule their lives. Healthy Ego stays present, in the moment, and free. The truly healthy Ego is our Soul at it's purest, most authentic state.

Now lets look at what an unhealthy Ego looks like... it is quite the opposite. An unhealthy Ego runs the show through fears, stress, anxiety, depression, excessive anything, over doing anything, addictions, avoidance, blaming others, constant battles in relationships, living in negative feelings, focusing on the bad stuff, likely living in the past, or freaking out about the future. Someone living with an unhealthy Ego can often be selfish and self centered, they want to know what's in it for them, having narcissistic tendencies if not being a full on narcissist, and on the flip side to that there is the co-dependent, which is also unhealthy.

So now can you see how the healthy Ego would create a healthy life?

How living in a state of love and happiness brings forth more of that and is good for the soul.

Can you also see how living with an unhealthy Ego can wreck havoc on your life?

How living in a state of fear, stress, and anxiety makes life harder to feel good in.

Wouldn't you want better for yourself and your family?

Know that you can have better, there is a way out of living with an unhealthy Ego, and you can start today.

So what can we do about it if we find that we are living with an unhealthy Ego? The main thing is to heal the hurts and create a healthy environment in order for the unhealthy Ego to feel safe enough to step back from running the show. That is really the main reason an unhealthy Ego exists, it came about in order for us to feel safe. Whatever that may have looked like at the time it was built. So it continues to run the show in order to feel safe, until we shine light onto the darkness of this unhealthy state and heal those wounds that were never acknowledged before.

Open yourself up to the opportunity to heal within and find Love everywhere you go.

Love yourself,

Love others,

Love your life,

Love the world,

and Love where it takes you.

Blessings to you all.

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