5 Ways to Support The Nervous System

One part of our internal system that people often take for granted or don't really think much about is the nervous system. Even though we may not think about it much, it is a very integral part that must be nurtured and cared for in order to feel good inside and out. It is what helps us deal with stress and the goings on of everyday life. If there are blocks of any kind in the nervous system it can have detrimental effects in the rest of the body.

So here are a few ways to support and nurture your nervous system to help you feel good, ease pain and tension, and find a sense of calm which is good for all of us.

5 Ways to Support the Nervous System

1. Hot and Cold Therapy

This is how I approach this technique, I take a warm to hot bath with one cup of the following added: epsom salt, dead sea salt, baking soda, finely ground Himalayan pink salt and soak for at least twenty minutes. Then I drain the tub and take a nice cold Viking shower. I stand in the cold water, rotating my body so it all gets covered, as long as I can. How long I do varies depending on how I feel and how cold it is outside. In the summer it's much easy to stay longer in cold water than it is in the winter.

The cold water activates and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the rest and digest mode of the nervous system. It is meant to help the body rest and relax, conserving energy and lowering the heart rate.

2. Deep Breathing & Meditation

Deep breathing and meditation go hand in hand and that is why I have put them together on this list. You can gain similar benefit from taking a moment to just take some deep breaths in and out, but you can get even more benefit if you take more time and meditate.

Deep slow breathing also helps activate and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn calms the body, slows the heart rate, and allows for relaxation. All these things aid in releasing anxiety and stress.

3. Yoga (Most Especially Eagle Pose)

Yoga is wonderful for the nervous system in that it is slow and rhythmic and also brings in deep breathing. Focusing on the breath and doing yoga poses together are a great combination for the health and well-being of the nervous system. As it is also a form of exercise it helps keep the body strong without overexerting oneself.

Eagle pose while sitting is a great stretch for the neck and shoulders which are often the most effected area of the body when it comes to stress, tension, and pain. If you are like me and carry a lot of stress and tension in the shoulders this pose is for you. As shown in the picture you may sit with legs crossed over or in a basic lotus position, and do a simpler variation of eagle pose, holding it for 30-60 seconds for each hand. So, you would first put one hand and arm over the other, hold, then do the opposite hand and arm to stretch both sides. This helps to open the chest for greater breathing, helps you to center yourself, and be present in the moment. All of which calm and ease the nervous system.

4. Supplements

There are many supplements that can be calming, relaxing, and help support the nervous system, but there are two that I have been taking lately that work wonders causing me to feel great benefit from both. Please consult your doctor before taking and supplements, especially if you are taking any medications. I am not a doctor and only offer this for informational purposes only.

SAMe, S-Adenosyl-L-methionine, is a chemical that is found naturally in the body, however some people may not produce as much as others, and need supplementation to help. It was discovered in the early 1950s, found to be made in the body from methionine, which is an amino acid. It helps regulate key functions in living cells. Commonly used for alleviating depression, as

well as supporting joint and liver health.

DLPA, dl-Phenylalanine, is an amino acid that aid with the easing of pain. It relieves tension which is beneficial for the nervous system as well. It also alleviates depression and anxiety which also makes it good for the nervous system.

Using these two together also for me personally has helped with sleep. Since I started taking these I have less pain in my neck and shoulders, and have been sleeping so much better than I had been. I often have a hard time getting to sleep and with these I actually start to feel sleepy and fall asleep quite easily, waking up feeling well rested in the morning.

5. Laughter

There is the saying that laughter is the best medicine and there are studies now that show it to be true. In the case of the nervous system it opens and contracts the diaphragm which is good for deep breathing, it is calming to the body and mind, it releases anger and stress, and just feels good. So the next time you feel stressed, angry, depressed, or anxious, try a good laugh and see how you feel afterwards.

All of these things are known to help support and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is the part of the nervous system that is responsible for rest and relaxation which we all need more of these days. So give some of these a try and see how you begin to feel over time.

Have any of you tried these?

What have been your experiences?

Have any other suggestions? Please comment and share below.

In peace, love, and light, blessings to you all.


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