Blessings, Gratitude, and Food

All things are energy, all living things are effected by energy, words are energy, and thoughts are energy. Negative words and thoughts carry a negative energy. where positive words and thoughts carry positive energy. Negative words and thoughts can be detrimental to the body, having effects of depression, malaise, fear, illness, and disease. Positive words and thoughts have healing effects like happiness, joy, overcoming illness and recovering from disease.

But how does this relate to our food...

Food is also energy, food is also susceptible to the effects of the energy that is around it, therefore what you say about your food, or even around your food while cooking it or before eating it can actually effect the make-up of that food, and go into your body when you eat it. Therefore blessing our food and expressing gratitude for our food and what it provides for us is highly beneficial for us when we eat. We really are what we eat, and what we think, say, and do can actually effect our food, our meals, and our bodies, inside and out.

What does food provide for us....

It provides nutrition, nourishment, the feeling of being satisfied or satiated, it can provide pleasure for those of us who really enjoy food and eating, it provides life force energy, and healing when you eat right. These are all things you can be grateful for in regards to your food and express thanks for before you eat it.

"Thank you for the food we are about to eat, thank you for it's nourishment and nurturing properties, thank you for the nutrients that fuel our bodies, and it's ability to keep us feeling strong and able to keep going every day."

That is one simple prayer of thanks expressing gratitude that you can say before you eat. You can also create your own. Make it personal. Be creative.

If you are wanting to loose weight, thank the food for giving you the energy to work out and take care of yourself. If you are healing from a health crisis, thank the food for it's healing properties and giving you life force energy to heal and recover."

You can create it to work for you and whatever you may be going through in this moment.

Or you can keep it really simple and say something like this...

"I am so grateful for the food I am about to eat. Thank you."

Change it as needed, or keep it simple, whatever works best for you.

Create it in a way that makes you want to get into the habit of doing this so you will actually bring it into your life on a daily basis.

Notice the rewards you feel inside over time from doing this simple thing each and every day.

You will start to feel better, feel good inside, and be happier and healthier, by this one little shift, other things will start to shift within you. As we start to create new habits, old unhealthy habits will start to fade away.

What ways do you bless your food? Do you have ones you would like to share? Please do so below.

Thank you and blessings.

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