Judging Others = Judgment of Yourself

Have you ever heard the term that judging others means you are judging yourself? Well whether you have or not, it's actually quite true. When you find yourself judging someone else for anything at all, you best stop and take a good look at yourself and ask, what is it in me that is judging this other person? What is it that I am judging in myself that I am taking out on this other person? You might be surprised at what realizations come about if you are willing and able to be truly honest with yourself.

Really it is best to stop judging all together if you can. It is something I have learned to do, and still have to practice and work on daily, but it has certainly made a positive difference in my life. Judgments go right along with blame, and we all should know that the blame game gets us nowhere. Blaming others for things keeps things dysfunctional, and judging others has much the same effect. Don't judge others for you never know what they are really going through, not only that, but you don't yet know what battle you have going on inside yourself. Look at your own battle and leave others to deal with theirs themselves.

Instead of focusing on what others are doing or not doing, try to focus on what YOU are and aren't doing. Focus on what YOU can do to make life better, instead of expecting others to do it for you. Expecting others to do what you want them to do or what you expect them to do only leads to disappointment because they will always fall short. People who judge and blame are often the ones who can never be satisfied, they are the ones where nothing is ever good enough, because deep down inside they believe they are not good enough and instead of dealing with it in a healthy way for themselves, they like to take it out on everyone else. Not the best way to build relationships now is it?

So if you really want to stop judging yourself, and feeling shitty inside for all these things you believe you are and take out on others, try to see it for what it is. Projection at it's fullest. To project something is to put forth an idea or belief about another person on to that person because of something you believe within yourself from childhood. Something that is likely quite false and untrue. Unfortunately until now, you don't know that it's false and untrue therefore you may be living your life in fear based on your projections, instead of from truth. The way to truth is to stop judging others and start looking at yourself.

The only path to healing is through your inner self, through inner work, and being completely honest with yourself about who you have become and what your limiting beliefs are. What are limiting beliefs? Well they are any beliefs that are negative, hurtful, and critical, of yourself and others. Sounds a lot like Judgement right? That's because it is. Once you figure out what your inner belief system is saying to you about yourself and others, you can then begin to shift. Start focusing on the good things, let go of the negative, start focusing on you, and let go of what you think others are doing, they are none of your business. What you are doing and how you are living should be the only thing you focus on. Until you begin to heal, only then can you take on other things, but don't ever think you can change others. They are doing the best they know how with the knowledge and awareness they presently have. Until they choose to gain a greater awareness they will never change or grow. But you can, if you choose to.

This is just one step of many, to take on the path to healing your inner self. Which in turn will have

positive effects on the rest of your being, body, mind, and soul.

Want to connect to your inner self? Do you want to find out what your limiting beliefs are so you can change them to positive healthy beliefs?

Contact me today for a free consultation.

In peace, love, and light, blessings beautiful souls.

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