Childhood Programming and Energy

I wrote an earlier post about childhood programming, today I want to talk about how energy plays into our programming, and how it effects us on a daily basis. Are you operating from your true, natural, authentic, energetic makeup, or are you living based on your programmed energy from your childhood that you feel you "have" to be or do, but really isn't you? Well lets see shall we...

Everything is energy, all that is energy is either positive, negative, or neutral energy. Words and actions contain energy, and those words that were spoken to you as a child were often either positive or negative, same with the actions people around you made, and the ways you were treated.

If you were abused in any way or constantly told hurtful, negative things as a child, you likely grew up to believe you are not worthy, that you don't deserve good things in life, you likely have low self esteem, and struggle in some if not all areas of your life. If you were constantly told positive things as a child, things that lifted you up and made you feel good, then you would have been more likely to have grown up with a healthy self esteem and feel confident and successful in life.

However, these lines are often thin, where what might seem positive to one child, may be negative to another. Let me give you an example: lets say a child is praised for their academics and their parents want them to go to an Ivy League school and the child works hard to get good grades to make their parents happy, but deep down inside that child wants to be an artist, then being praised for their grades and pushed towards a certain school or career will seem more negative because it goes against that child's true authentic nature of being artistic. Unless their creativity is honored in some way and they are able to have an artistic outlet, they will grow up and feel empty inside when they realize they don't like what they are doing at all, they don't know who they are anymore, and have to find themselves as an adult. Where another child who loves learning and academics would love to be praised for it and happy to go to a prestigious school and would do well from it.

When the time comes, and you realize that perhaps the stories you have been running on aren't quite right for you, the truth about your childhood programming will come out. When someone is finally open to it they will see that all they were raised to believe about themselves may not be all true. That is where energy comes in.

When we finally realize what kind of programming we went through as a child, we then can see how negative it was in what areas and what things were positive. We all have negative and positive experiences as children, and depending on which one we had more of in our life, will depend on how our programming effected us and still may be effecting us today.

Once you realize where you are at and why, then you can start to create a more positive life. Inside and out. When you heal your inner world, your outer world naturally improves. Realize that the negative programming you received as a child was nothing more than just your parents and other family members doing the best they knew how. Don''t blame them. Just accept it for what it is and let it go.

Then you can start to put that positive spin on your life by thinking positive thoughts, doing positive things, listening to positive music, watching uplifting shows and movies, and surround yourself with good happy things as well as people. As you do this over time your mindset will shift, your programming will have changed, and that is the beauty of it, you can reprogram your mind and belief system to one that is positive and enriching for your life. But you must realize your programmed truth first. That is when your healing can begin.

Your programmed truth simply is whatever it is that you were raised to believe about yourself or what you grew to believe, by what you were told, what you saw, and how your family reacted to certain things. Now you can take that knowledge and change what needs changed for the better.

Know that you are perfectly designed just as you are.

You are worthy.

You deserve great things.

You are uniquely you and no one else can fill those shoes, but you.

You have an amazing talent hidden within you, or perhaps you already know what it is, know that you are meant to use that talent in this life.

There is so much more. Dive deep within yourself and find the truth you were made to believe, then go even further and find your real truth. The honest loving truth that is all creation. It is within you right now. It hasn't ever been away, you just didn't see it before. Now you can.

Blessings all.

With Love.

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