Day One of my Bone Broth Fast

Day One

Bone Broth Fast

Upon waking I drank a full glass of room temperature water and took one probiotic.

I started off day one with my usual smoothie breakfast, but only used green veggies and a lemon.

I blended it with some coconut yogurt to add in more probiotics as well.

Here is what I used:

half a zucchini

half a cucumber

one celery stalk

a handful of kale

one peeled lemon

one avocado

three heaping tablespoons of coconut yogurt

with my usual powdered supplements which consist of: magnesium glycinate, calcium, sunflower lecithin, detoxifiber, and camu camu powder.

All blended in a blender and drank.

Then I started with my bone broth. I had made a batch that night so it was ready that morning.

I had one cup of bone broth about 45 minutes after my smoothie breakfast.

All I consumed on day one was that morning smoothie, a cup of pau d'arco tea, a cup of dandelion tea, two tablespoons of sauerkraut twice, and lots of bone broth and water.

Every few hours I had a large coffee cup full of bone broth.

I felt pretty good all day. I did some strength training with resistance bands shortly after my first cup of broth. I still felt good after that.

I took it easy all day. I chose to start this on day one of having four days off from work, that way I wouldn't have to worry about going anywhere and could just relax and take care of myself at home.

Things I did through out the day: listened to soothing healing music, snuggled with my cat, colored in my Messages from the Unicorns coloring book, and watched some light hearted funny movies in the evening, and talked to my boyfriend.

Right before bed however I did notice that I was craving bread, which is really weird for the fact that I have not eaten bread in months and even then it was on a rare, once in a blue moon, kind of occasion. For the whole of last year I may have had bread for the equivalent of once a month, so bread has not been a staple in my diet for a very long time. And when I did eat it, it would be organic. I also have not eaten any bread or bread like substance (wheat) in the last three months, so I should not be craving something that my body hasn't been ingesting in a while anyway. I just found it interesting and odd that it was happening. It wasn't a bad or severe craving, it was more an instance where bread just sounded good.

I felt pretty tired when I went to bed, so much so that I didn't even take a bath before bed, which is something I routinely do normally. I felt so tired that I just crawled into bed and went to sleep. However my sleep felt light, it wasn't the good deep sleep I usually get. I woke up briefly a couple times, but was able to get back to sleep quickly. I wondered if perhaps it's because I didn't take a bath before bed like I usually do which often helps me sleep, or if it had to do with fasting, it could possibly have to do with both factors, therefore it's hard to pinpoint exactly why my sleep didn't feel as good as it usually does.

Overall I feel that day one went well and I felt pretty good overall.

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