Day Two of my Bone Broth Fast

Day Two

Bone Broth Fast

When I woke up the next day I felt really groggy and tired, even though I had slept for 8 hours.

I stayed curled up in bed for a good hour before I brought myself to actually get up. Luckily since I didn't have to work or go anywhere it really didn't matter. It actually felt kind of nice to take my time getting up and bask in the coziness of my bed.

Again once I got up and made it into the kitchen I started off with a cup of room temperature water and a probiotic. I then had another smoothie, but this time without the veggies.

Here is what I did:

One cup of plain unsweetened almond milk

three heaping tablespoons of coconut yogurt

my usual powdered supplements

Blended in a blender and drank.

Again I did another batch of bone broth that night and it was ready by late morning.

I again had a big coffee cup full of bone broth a little bit after my breakfast smoothie.

I then did some yoga and stretching.

After yoga I felt really tired and weak (like I needed a nap) so I grabbed a jar of bone broth, went and sat in a sunny window and drank more bone broth while taking in the sunshine.

After that I started feeling a little better, but not exactly energized so I took a hot salt bath using a combination of pink Himalayan salt and epsom salt with some vanilla essential oil for a calming and comforting scent. Both salts are great for detoxification and relaxation.

Before I got in the tub though, while it was filling, I did some dry skin brushing. It is very good for the lymphatic system and aids in detoxification. I used a dry all natural loofa and brushed my dry skin from toes to neck. What you want to do is brush towards the heart, so starting at your feet you brush upwards and up your legs towards the heart, then up your stomach and from the hands up your arms and into your armpits, across the chest towards the heart, and down the neck front and back. You will feel a tingling sensation that shows it's working and getting the circulation flowing. Here are some great tools to use for dry skin brushing, and exfoliating the skin in the shower.

I sat in the salt bath for about 20 minutes listening to relaxing stress relieving music. Then once the 20 minutes were up and I was sweating profusely, feeling it drip off my face, I drained the tub and rinsed off in a cool shower. Hot and cold therapy is great for the body, the lymphatic system, and also aids in detoxing. First a hot bath, and then a cool shower is what I like to do best. I started off slowly in the cool water with my feet first, then my legs, and slowly getting in further and further. I then stood with my back to the shower head and let the cool water wash down my hair and back and then did a few slow turns to get my whole body, ending with my face. Then I slowly got the water warm again (not hot) and took a full shower washing everything off to remove the salt and the sweat which contains toxins. That is why we sweat, to remove toxins, but then you need to wash it away to remove those toxins, so anytime you sweat, you want to shower afterwards to ensure that those toxins are removed.

When I got out of the shower I felt amazing. I felt energized and lighter. No longer feeling the need for a nap now I decided to sit down and write. I decided that working on my next book and my blog would be a great way to spend my time while fasting, it's productive yet gentle on the body.

Mostly consuming the same things this day as the first day minus the veggies.

Lots of bone broth, pau d'arco tea, dandelion tea, and a couple tablespoons of sauerkraut.

Lots of water as well, it's very important to stay hydrated while fasting.

I did notice that I looked really pale this day, I am not sure if it has anything to do with the fast, but my face looked pale and my feet looked really white. It is however January at this time so it could just be that I finally noticed the fact that my skin hasn't seen the sun in a while either.

Another thing I would like to point out is keeping warm while fasting. Your body doesn't have enough fuel in it to keep you warm as it normally would, so it's very important to keep warm while doing a fast. Especially if you are doing one in winter as I am. It is very cold here and our whole neighborhood is a sheet of ice. So I am staying in and keeping warm, and of course warm bone broth certainly helps with that.

I got really hungry this night, so much so that I felt like I wouldn't be able to sleep feeling so hungry so I broke my fast a bit by boiling some cabbage and shallots and ate just a few spoonfuls, that was a bad idea. It went right through me shortly after eating it. I had the runs the rest of the night. My sleep was interrupted by having to get up and run to the bathroom. I also was woken up early by my cat, and had to get back to sleep in order to get enough sleep in.

I did pretty much the same things this day as day one, but added writing into the mix. I added to my blog and worked on my book, which is a great way to make the day go by in an easy and gentle way. Listened to healing music on youtube while writing, and generally taking it easy yet again. You don't want to over tax or physically stress your body when you are fasting, fasting is a time to take it slow and easy, to be gentle with yourself, to engage in lots of self care, and mellow activities.

Some great ideas of what to do while fasting are:

take a slow leisurely walk

sit in the sunshine

sit in your yard or be in nature in some way

gentle yoga


healthy reading (meaning read something that is good for you and helpful to you, not gossip magazines or things with negative images or story lines.)

watch a happy uplifting movie

listen to relaxing healing music

spend time with pets if you have any


take a long salt bath

self massage or if you have a partner who's willing ask them for one

scrap booking

dry skin brushing

take a sauna

take a nap if you really need it

sleep well

do some research into bone broth and holistic eating

create a shopping list of foods that are good for you and easy to digest for when you finish the fast

create meal plans or recipes

research recipes

feed your soul

Do things that make you feel good and relaxed that are easy on the body

There is so much more, these are just some things I could think of that would be a great way to spend your time while fasting and taking care of yourself. Most of the things on the list I have been doing and it feels great.

Have any of you done a fast of any kind?

What have your experiences been?

Do you like them or not?

I am curious to hear your opinions.

Please share below.

Thank you!

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