The First Day After My Bone Broth Fast

So I started to reintroduce foods today. I mainly just ate various forms of veggies to make it easy and gentle on my system.

I woke up feeling good and awake, yet very weak. I felt so weak that even after I started eating breakfast I had a hard time holding myself up so I went and lounged on the couch while consuming my veggie smoothie. Even after eating I still felt weak and started to feel really cold, so I went back to bed. Cranked up my electric blanket and stayed there with my eyes closed until I felt warm again and like I would be able to get up and move.

Once I did I immediately had a half a jar of bone broth. That helped a little, but not as much as I thought it would. I had some errands to run this day therefore I knew I would want to eat before leaving to be strong and energized enough to do it. So I made a blended soup with pumpkin and zucchini. I felt much better then and was able to go into town and get my errands done.

Once I got home I made a salad with a homemade goats milk kefir salad dressing. It was really good. Kefir makes great salad dressings in my opinion. I also had the other half jar of bone broth.

So here is what I ate through out the day:

Breakfast: Veggie Smoothie

One cup of unsweetened almond milk

Half a cucumber sliced

Half a zucchini sliced

Two stalks of celery

One avocado

Handful of kale

Blended in a blender with my usual powdered supplements and drank.

Lunch: Blended soup

Half a can of plain organic pumpkin

One whole zucchini chopped

Half and onion chopped

Three large garlic cloves diced

Salt and pepper

Cooked in saucepan over medium heat for about ten minutes

Transferred to a blender and blended.


Snack: Salad

Just a handful of organic salad greens

Goats milk kefir - enough for one salad

Half a teaspoon of my homemade ranch dressing mix

Whip kefir and dressing mix then pour over salad greens.

Dinner: Asparagus Soup

Diced asparagus

Coconut milk

Chicken broth


Salt and pepper

Put everything in a pot over medium heat and cook about 5-10 minutes.

Transfer to a blender and serve with green onions sliced over the top.

Evening snack: Sauerkraut

Here is the brand and flavor of sauerkraut I eat. It is so good, I will never go back to plaid old regular sauerkraut after trying this. It's the dill and garlic one and it tastes just like dill pickles. I love dill pickles, but don't really eat them anymore, so this was a welcome treat when I found a healthy way to have that dill pickle flavor. So if you love dill pickles this is the one to try. They have other flavor combinations so if dill isn't your thing, try one of the others. But I do highly recommend this brand. So good!

I ate about every two to three hours and made my portions small so it wouldn't overload my system. I kept with veggies mostly to also make it easy for my body to adjust to having somewhat solid foods again. I say somewhat because it all was mostly blended, but that's a great way to start reintroducing foods after a fast.

You want to go slow and gradual, and choose things that are easy to digest.

Pureed, steamed, and boiled veggies are very easy for the body to digest therefore that is why I chose what I chose to eat this day.

The amazing thing for me was that I didn't feel like eating a whole lot anyway. I didn't feel the need to binge eat, or eat a lot, or even eat much solid food just yet. My body wasn't ready for it. So I did what felt right, knowing it was what my body needed at the time. I was surprised because I expected to feel really hungry and just want to eat, but I did it small and in increments because that's what felt good to me.

Do any of you have experience listening to your body?

Or do you have a hard time listening to your body?

I can help you with that with my holistic wellness and nutrition coaching.

Blessings to you all!

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