Late Night Inspiration

It happens every time, I'm getting ready for bed or relaxing in the bath tub and I get a rush of ideas and inspiration for great blog posts or content to add to my books, and it's late at night. It all just hits me. I then have to get up and start writing stuff down. I have to get it out while it's fresh in my mind and flowing, or it just wont be the same. Or I will forget about it later and it will be gone, lost forever.

I have gotten inspiration many times throughout the years that I have not acted on right away, and you know what happened with it? Absolutely nothing. Why? Because by the time I come back to it the next day or even days later, the inspiration is gone, I'm just not feeling it anymore, so I don't do anything with it. It no longer feels right or the same. I am not longer "in it" anymore.

I take a bath every night before bed to relax my body, soothe my aches and pains, and meditate. But so many times the creative juices start flowing and I have to get out of the bath and to my computer to start writing before it's all gone. So here I am again, tip typing away, at midnight when I should be going to bed, but the creative juices are going yet again, and I know if I don't start writing I wont feel it tomorrow or the next day, at least not with this particular thought or idea. By then another thought or idea could come to me and I will have to act on it then, or it will be lost as well. I feel very strongly that I get inspired by certain ideas at certain times because those are the things that need to be shared at that time. Those are the things that people need to read and connect to for whatever reason at that time, so if I miss it in that moment, the moment is gone and it's no longer feels relevant or needed. Then the next inspired thought comes along and again it must be done in that moment, for that is when it is needed, otherwise I likely would not feel that particular inspiration.

That is the importance of inspired action. Taking action on inspiration when it hits you. I feel like that is also the point of inspiration. You get inspired so you can act on it and do something constructive with it. For me it's always writing, I am a writer, I know that is what I am meant to do in this world, so when I get the inspiration to write something, I do it so I don't lose it later.

Sometimes though I may get an idea of something to write about without knowing what to write at that moment, so I will jot down the idea and come back to it later, and am able to write something for it later, it just depends on what it is and how I feel about it when it comes to me, whether in the moment, or when I come back to the thought or idea. My best ideas and best writing have always been done in the moment though. Right when it comes to me, I start to write and just let it flow out of me until the thought is fully complete. That is how I have always written, and it has served me well.

What kind of things inspire you?

What do you feel inspired to do?

Do you take inspired action?

If not do you need help recognizing what it is?

I can help you with that.

Please comment and share below.

Blessings beautiful ones.

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