Weird Cravings After Years of Not Eating Those Foods

So I have started to do a more strict diet than I have ever done. Even though I have been mostly dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free for the last couple years, my digestive system has let me know it is none too happy with me for whatever reason, and because of that I have to take measures into my own hands and work to heal my gut so I can feel good and normal again. In doing so I have started to have weird cravings for things that I haven't had in a very long time since implementing this new diet. Years in fact for some of these things, therefore I really shouldn't be craving them at all. But for whatever reason some cravings are creeping upon me nonetheless.

First let me tell you what I am doing, since I am working on healing my gut, I started with a bone broth fast, which I have blog posts about if you want to know more, and now I am eating a really strict version of the Paleo diet, it is somewhat a combination of the GAPS diet and the Paleo autoimmune protocol. Eating only boiled meats, veggies, nuts, seeds, goat milk kefir, sauerkraut, coconut yogurt, coconut milk, and almond milk. And as I have said I have been free of dairy, gluten, and refined sugars for a while, other than eating out occasionally with my boyfriend this last year going on dates and such. Even so, we would try to make sure where we went would be organic and I would do my best to not have anything with those things in it, but of course with eating out sometimes you can't stay away from it all completely. And for some reason since I have stopped eating out for now and started to implement this stricter way of eating I am craving things I haven't had in a while and am not sure why since it has been so long. Why is it that doing this gut healing diet is bringing these cravings up?

Such as while I was still in the bone broth fast faze of my diet, I had one night where I was craving bread. Fresh baked bread right from the oven sounded like the best thing ever. It just sounded so good. I did not go into the kitchen and bake bread, I did not eat anything bread like, I just noticed and observed the fact that I was indeed craving bread. Now just tonight I was craving McDonald's french fries. Weird! It has been so many years since I have had a McDonald's french fry I am amazed that I can even remember what they taste like, and yet here I am thinking man that sounds good. Which is odd because that is the last thing I would ever want to eat, but for some reason psychologically I want french fries. It's so weird. I can't explain it, it doesn't make sense. There are also times when I crave pizza and Mexican food. Which are of course my two favorite foods so that's legit. Not only that but both contain cheese, and it's often related to a cheese craving that makes me want either of those foods in regards to actually craving them.

Here is what I found in my research regarding these cravings. If you are craving bread, you may be craving comfort, your body may also be telling you that you are deficient in certain nutrients like chromium and magnesium or be showing you that you are insulin resistant or hypoglycemic. I used to be hypoglycemic when I was younger, but since changing my diet years ago that doesn't effect me anymore. But perhaps because it was once a part of my life that could be why the bread craving popped up. Also I was craving bread while doing a fast therefore I may have been in need of more comfort at the time to help me get through the fast. Who knows for sure.

If you are craving salty foods, like french fries, it could be because of stress. I have been a little stressed out regarding my health since I have been dealing with this current bout of digestive issues for months before getting more strict on my diet. French fries are also a carbohydrate therefore the reasoning behind the craving could be similar as the craving for bread. It is also considered another comfort food therefore again it could have been just my internal system telling me that I needed more comfort yet again.

If you are craving cheese or really cheesy foods (like pizza and Mexican) your body is just in need of good healthy fats, so instead of the cheese I go for nuts and nut butters when I feel the need for more fats in my diet.

In all instances often times cravings come up not because you are deficient in anything or hungry and need food, but because your body needs more water. So the best bet would be to drink more water and see how you feel. That may be all that is needed. Now that I know that I will keep it in mind for future cravings.

It's just odd to me that these have come up since going on a stricter diet, because I haven't had real food cravings in years because I already had changed my diet years ago to be more holistic and healthy. I had already started to clean up my diet, so it's not like my body was going into shock because I was removing all these things from my diet at once, because most of them have been out of my diet already, I just decided to get more strict and eat more simply in order to help my gut by eating foods that are easily digestible.

The other crazy thing is that even though I feel these cravings internally, I actually have no desire to really eat these things now. It really does feel more psychological, yet I can also remember what these things taste like as if I had them just yesterday and the cravings feel like legitimate food cravings. The only difference is I am not eating them, even though I am craving them, I truly have no desire to eat them, even though I am feeling the cravings. It really is more of a case where these foods just sound good in the moment, but I really have no intention of eating them again. I am not sure what is going on there, perhaps my body is reprogramming itself in some way regarding food and this is part of the process.

I just wanted to share since maybe some of you have changed your diet and have experienced similar things, perhaps some of you are just having cravings and don't know how to deal with them. If you are in the latter category, here is some advice, be an observer, just notice the craving, notice how it makes you feel, notice if you have specific memories regarding those foods and if those memories need to be healed, or perhaps those memories are pointing to a part of you that needs healing and nurturing. Like craving comfort foods, it could likely mean you are craving comfort more so than the food itself. Also as mentioned above make sure you are getting enough water.

If it is more psychological for me with the bread and french fries those are things from my childhood. Perhaps I am craving childlike play, or the desire to be a kid again. Cheese in regards to pizza and Mexican food, it's similar, they are both from my childhood and were favorites of mine growing up. I know I don't want to eat those foods right now in the moment, so they must be triggering something else in me. They all are considered comfort foods so perhaps I just need to comfort myself and practice more self love and self care.

Do you see how these cravings can actually mean other things than you think?

Can you see how food can be emotionally triggered?

What things do you crave sometimes?

Do you know why?

Please comment and share below.

Thank you.


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