The Time Is Now!

It has never been a better time to let go and release. Now is always a good time. It has never been a better time to let go of that which does not serve you, to let go of all the things that aren't working for you, to let go of it all. Whatever it may be.

Letting it all go, the time is NOW! I don't mean right now on this particular day that I am writing this. I mean right now whenever you are coming around to read this. No matter when this comes to you, the time is now. You came upon this blog post today for a reason and a purpose. It was not by accident. Now is always the best time.

So what exactly am I talking about hmmm?

Let it all go.


No matter what it is.

Let it go.

Release it all.

Right NOW!

It does not have a hold on you unless you allow it to.

Whatever IT is.

So release it to the universe.

Give it over to GOD.

Now is the time that you need to let go.

You need to release all that is holding you back.

Let go of any and all negative thoughts.

Let go of any and all toxins in any form.

Release having, doing, needing, and so forth.

Let it all go.

Release yourself from the ties that bind you.

Release yourself from anything that no longer serves you.

Release yourself from past hurts, disappointments, and grief.

Let it all go NOW!

Say out loud to the universe...

"I let it all go!"

"I release it all now!"

Then list off everything you can think of that you want to let go of.

If you can't think of anything specific simply state that all things that no longer serve you be released now.

Like this:

"I now release any and all things that no longer serves me!"


"I now release anything that does not serve me!"

Announce it to the world, to the universe, to god and the angels.

Let it all out.


You will feel lighter and better for it.

Blessings to you all in your release.

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