Loving Yourself this Valentine's Day

It's time we all got to loving ourselves more and learned to love ourselves first. Why is it so important to love yourself first? So that you not only fill your own cup, but then are able to give to others that overflow from your cup. The idea is to not just fill your cup until its full, but keep filling it so there is always an overflow, that way you have much more to offer others without feeling drained or depleted. Not only that, but when you love yourself fully, only then are you able to love another just as fully. Which is what we all want in this life really.

I invite you to love yourself first this Valentine's Day. This does not mean that you ignore your significant other on this day if you have one, it just means that you practice extreme self love and self care so that you can be your best with your significant other. And if you are one who is single at this time of year, this practice is even more valuable. Loving and nurturing yourself in ways that make you feel good and alive.

When we learn to love ourselves, to practice self love and self care, then we feel whole and complete unto ourselves and no longer feel like something is missing from our lives simply because we are single. Therefore we become more attractive and appealing to a potential suitor, and we feel good in our own skin and others can feel that and see that when you meet or spend time with them. It's always more pleasurable to spend time with someone who loves their life and loves themselves exactly as they are and has fun with life and what it brings in the process.

Now think about the things that bring you the most joy, think about things you like to do that make you feel good and alive inside. Make a list if you need to so you can keep it on hand and refer to it later because this should become a lifetime practice for overall health, wellness, and love, not just something you choose to do once for this day. Keep that in mind as we move ahead here.

What kinds of things can you do to practice self love?

Say no once in a while. It's okay, go ahead, practice if you need to. Just learn to say no when you genuinely don't want to do something. No matter what it is.

Honor yourself by taking some alone time or quiet time. Again, it really is okay to do this. We all need time to ourselves and some peace and quiet regularly. When doing this go for a walk or a hike, meditate, do some yoga, sit in nature, whatever you love that is peaceful and quiet take time to do it. You will thank yourself for it later.

Self massage. I know this one may sound silly, but the human touch is important for overall health and well-being therefore if you don't have anyone around to do it for you, it's better to practice it for yourself instead of living without a loving touch. Even if you do have a significant other who could do this for you, it's good to do it for yourself sometimes to find out what you like, what feels good to you, and so forth so you can share it with them at a later time. Make a ritual out of it, take your time, love yourself through an act of touch.

Create a spa day for yourself. Whether you actually schedule a day at a spa, or you take a day at home and create your own spa. Get some things together to give yourself a facial, paint your nails, take a long hot salt bath with essential oils, light candles, listen to soft music, really make it feel like a splurge.

Take yourself out to a romantic dinner. Wine and dine yourself. It's okay to go out to eat alone and really enjoy it, and it really is possible. Just go somewhere you love or have always wanted to try, get dressed up, and really make it special for yourself. Celebrate you!

Schedule time in your day for self care.

Take time to slow down and meditate.

Take time to eat healthy meals and really enjoy them.

Take time to exercise and be physically active.

Take time to sit in nature and notice the beauty around you.

Feel the sunshine on your skin, hear the rustling of the trees in the breeze, smell the flowers, listen to the birds.

Be present in the moment with yourself.

Learn to love your own company and be at peace with yourself.

Do some of you already have great self care ideas or practices?

What are they?

What are your thoughts or feelings about what I have shared?

Please comment and share below.

Blessings beautiful souls.

With Love on this Valentine's Day!

May you all find love and happiness within so you may share that abundance with others.

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