All Things Are Energy

In general we know that all things are energy, we also know that energy can either be positive, negative, or neutral. The interesting thing is that for one person something can be positive, and that same thing to another person can be negative, or even neutral. Which makes energy very personal as well.

Therefore if all things are energy how is it effecting us in our lives? Here are a couple other things to consider first, they may not be something you had thought about consciously before.

Thoughts are energy

Words are energy

Beliefs are energy

Perceptions are energy

Experiences are energy

Actions are energy

Even the lack of taking action carries an energy

So with all that in mind, I want you to think about this for a moment....

What kind of energy are you putting out to the world?

What kinds of thoughts to you think?

What kind of words do you use on a regular basis?

What are your beliefs?

Are they positive, negative, or neutral?

What are your perceptions, about life and other people?

What kinds of things are you experiencing in your life and how do they feel?

What kinds of actions are you taking in your life and how does it feel?

Or are you not taking any action at all?

What you put out in this world comes back to you.

As you answer these questions for yourself you will get a better understanding of what you are putting out to the world, which will in turn, will show you why certain things are showing up in your life.

The good news here is that you have the power to change it. You have the power to choose your thoughts, to change your beliefs if necessary, to take stock of what your perceptions are and decide if they are true or not. You can choose the right experiences, and start taking action in ways that honor you and where you want to be, instead of sitting back and letting life just happen to you.

Think positive thoughts

Change to empowering belief systems

Find out if your perceptions are true or real, and adjust them as needed

Seek out fun and happy experiences that bring you joy

Take action steps that make you feel good and help you get to where you want to to go in this life.

Blessings beautiful ones.

May you all find happiness, joy, and love in this life.

And so it is.

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