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This is my review of Brandless beauty products. If you haven't heard of Brandless yet, then let me tell you the basics. Brandless is a company that technically does not have a brand and gets its business by word of mouth. That way they can keep their prices low. I came across them in an article I read online, and decided to give it a try since everything on their website is supposed to be all natural and only $3.00. Now if you have tried to buy all natural beauty products yourself you know that they can be really expensive at times and certainly not usually $3.00 a piece. So I decided to give it a go and see what came of it. So here is what I tried and my thoughts and opinions regarding my experiences with the products.

I had a hard time with most of their products due to the smell. It would actually be really nice if they made all their products available with a fragrance free option (which is not the case at the moment) for those of us who are sensitive to fragrance and also don't want to use products that use synthetic fragrance. And that is the real issue I have with their beauty products, almost all of them contain "fragrance" and from the smell of them I could tell they were synthetic. Most of the ingredients in the products were all natural, but there were a couple in some of their products that were a little iffy and the addition of fragrance is one of those things. I cross referenced their ingredients with the skin deep database on the Environmental Working Group website. If you are not familiar with it check it out here:

You can look up specific ingredients or health and beauty brands and products that you already use and see where they rank. You want them to have a score of under 3. The smaller the number the less toxic they are and the larger the number the more toxic they can be. Fragrance as an ingredient ranks an 8 on there and that's not good. I feel they can do a better job in making these products truly natural and removing the fragrance would be a good one, or using natural essential oils to fragrance things instead of synthetic fragrance.

So just be aware of that if you consider using their beauty products.

Body Wash: I thought this was okay, but nothing special. I had a hard time with the fragrance of this one as mentioned above. I would not get this again.

Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner: Again I could not stand the smell, it really bothered my nose. It also left my hair feeling dry and brittle, not something you should feel if your shampoo and conditioner really are moisturizing. Therefore I conclude that these products do not do what they say in that regard. I would not get again.

Mouthwash: This is one of their beauty products that I really like. All the ingredients are natural, there are no synthetic or artificial dyes or flavorings. They use essential oils in this one. It tastes good and leaves your teeth feeling very clean and fresh. I would purchase this one again.

Shave Gel: Another product that I like, and it even has "fragrance' in it. Though it does contain fragrance the smell isn't as strong as some of the other products and it doesn't bother me at all. This shave gel feels nice, works well, and leaves my skin feeling good after shaving. This is another product that I would buy again.

Body Lotion: This stuff feels really nice, but again the fragrance really bothered me. I just couldn't keep using it due to the smell. I gave it to my mom. She likes it and doesn't mind the smell. I wouldn't get this again for myself, but if you can handle fragrance the lotion itself does feel nice. (I actually just noticed on their website they now have unscented lotion available so I may try that one since the only issue I had with the lotion was the smell.)

Hand Cream: This stuff smells nice and feels good on. Even though this one also contains fragrance it doesn't bother me and I don't use it much so that may be the other factor in why it doesn't bother me. It's not something I would buy again, simply because there are other hand lotions I like better that I can get cheaper in travel size which isn't much smaller than this one.

Facial Cleanser: I did not like this at all. Though it did smell nice, it did not work for my skin. It made me break out and made my skin feel yucky. So I would not buy this again.

Body Scrub: They have this exfoliating sugar scrub that I tried as well and I did not like it at all. This was likely the worst product I tried. It smelled terrible, it felt gross, and I hated the consistency of it. I am one who uses exfoliating scrubs regularly so it's not like it's a new thing for me, this one was just not something I liked at all.

So there you have it, my thoughts on each product that I tried. I really do hope that they come out with more products that are fragrance free that way they really are completely natural and wont bother those of us who are sensitive to smells and fragrance in general. I would be more apt to continue to purchase through them if they had more fragrance free items since the ones I tried I couldn't handle the smell of most of them.

Have any of you tried Brandless?

What are your thoughts or experiences?

Do you have any questions regarding my experience?

Please share below.

Thanks. Blessings beautiful souls.

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