Connect With Your Sacred Feminine Self

The things that are truly feminine in nature are receiving and being receptive, being present and in the moment, nurturing, gathering, embodiment, heart centered, and deep feeling. There is so much more to the feminine than we realize, and so many women these days have lost that connection with their feminine essence and self. So today I want to share with you some great ways to reconnect with that deep part of us that is sacred and Divine.

Be Open to Receive

This is one that many women seem to struggle with and it's not their fault. We have been taught to be more masculine, and it has been ingrained in us from a young age to strive, which is also very masculine in nature. Now there is nothing wrong with striving and being masculine when needed (like most of us at work,) but as a woman we all need to strive less and be more present within ourselves and in our lives. Especially when the work day is done and we come back home. Being open to receive is one of the most feminine ways of being, and it's one of the many things men love most about women. Men want to serve us ladies, and they want to serve us well by making us happy, but they can only be successful at it if we allow them to give and allow ourselves to receive those gifts from them. Without putting demands on them or expecting a certain outcome, that is not a gift. A gift is something that is given simply because they felt inspired to give. So allow the men in your life to have that inspiration and act on it without crushing their hopes. This means not doing things for them, not picking things up when they have not gotten to it yet, this means leaning back, getting present within your body, and allowing. This can and often is very uncomfortable for most women at first, but keep practicing and see how you start to feel as you get more used to it.

Gardening and Gathering

Gardening, planting, and nurturing those plants and helping them grow, then gathering the harvest are all very feminine things. It helps us to not only connect to ourselves, but also to mother earth, which is the great feminine. Honor your feminine essence by growing a garden, or if you don't have a yard, grow some herbs in planter boxes, nurture them, and gather them to reap what you have sown. Connect to mother earth and find peace within. Growing things and gathering also makes us more present and in the moment, and the more we experience that space in our lives the better we feel overall.

Yoni Steaming

Take charge of your intimate and feminine health by starting a yoni steaming practice. This will again bring you more into the present moment, but you will also feel nurtured, cared for, and honored as a woman. We all need to feel that in our lives no matter what we are doing. I have another post on my blog about the healing art of yoni steaming which explains more fully how important and good this is for a woman to do. It certainly brings you more in touch with your feminine essence than anything else I have ever done. Highly recommended.

Five Senses

Consciously using our five senses is another great way to get present, and be embodied, but it also enhances your life experiences. Really take the time to look around you and see what is in your space, what is in your world, notice the colors, the vibrancy, next listen, notice the sounds, listen to the subtleties of the wind or a soft breeze, the sounds of birds, crickets, and more. Whatever you have around you in where you live. For me last night I sat outside listening to the sounds of the frogs speaking, I felt the soft air swirl lightly around me, and I looked up into the night sky at all the bright and vibrant stars, and in that moment I felt more grounded and connected to mother earth, but also connected to the stars and the universe all at once. It felt amazing, comforting, and peaceful. Use your sense of taste to really taste your food and drinks, take your time, notice the sensation of taste, notice how certain tastes make you feel, and so forth. Do that also with smells, what do you smell around you, is it good or bad, if it's bad eliminate that icky smell and bring in something that smells sweet and wonderful to you. Touch things, really feel the material or make up of that thing, flowers, plants, animals, clothing, fabrics of all kinds, food, produce, and more. Get in touch with your senses, find out what you love, what brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good, then keep more of that stuff around you.

All of these things embodies the feminine and helps you tap into that divine and sacred space within you that is truly feminine.

What do you think of these practices?

Are you willing to give them a try? Do you have any other things that make you feel fully feminine?

Please comment and share below.

Thank you and blessings to you all.

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