Yoni Steaming - My Experience

First let me tell you a little about yoni steaming, it is an ancient practice for women's health. It has been used by many indigenous cultures and peoples for thousands of years. I am just getting to know about this healing art and have just started practicing it myself since learning of it through an online interview series I attended. In that series I got the honor to hear Keli Garza speak about yoni steaming and the many wonderful benefits of it. You can get more information at her website www.steamychick.com. When I was watching that interview something just clicked inside me that said, this is what is missing from my healing path and I must incorporate it into my life. So I went to her website, did some research there, took her Vaginal Steam Therapy Tutorial, (which tells you what you need based on your past cycles and female reproductive experiences.) and I ordered some steaming herbs and got started.

Before I tell you about my experience thus far, since I have only just started this practice, I want to share with you why I chose to do this practice in the first place. I have a long history of short cycles. At an average of 25 days per cycle that is really short, especially when a '"normal" cycle is supposed to be 28-30 days long. I also have a history of heavy, painful periods, with cramping and dark/brown blood before and after my period. Periods are not actually supposed to be painful or cramping, and dark brown blood is old blood that is still trying to get out of your system. Ick. So with all those things, along with a history of being molested as a toddler, I decided to heal my reproductive system and my feminine essence. And that is exactly what this practice has done for me. If you go on to the steamy chick website and watch the short video that is on the home page you will learn why yoni steaming is good for healing all of these things and more, which helps the female body heal from the inside out. Bringing us back into balance unto ourselves.

So this is my experience after doing the yoni steam practice for just one cycle. That means this is just my first month of doing this. First off I got the steamy chick Gentle Herbs for cleansing since that is what is recommended for those who have a short cycle. I did my first steam on day 22 of my cycle since I wanted to make sure I got it in on time in case my period came early yet again. You are not supposed to steam while on your period. Next I did a steam each night for three nights in a row before my period was supposed to start. So days 22, 23, and 24 of my cycle. I did experience some cramping after each steaming, and on the steamy chick site Keli explains that this is old residual energy working itself out. Next the most amazing thing happened, I did not expect it to work this fast, but my period did not start on day 25 or 26 like it often does, but actually on day 29. I had a 29 day cycle for the first time in years, after doing this practice for only one cycle. I was amazed. I did still have some cramping, but it is said that the cramps will subside as you continue the practice, so I will keep you all posted how things improve as I continue with this practice. My period was lighter than usual and only lasted four days, as Keli says it's supposed to be. I did have some old blood and more cramping on day five of my cycle so on days 6 and 7 I steamed again and that all went away. I feel amazing and radiant now afterwards.

I only steamed for 15-20 minutes (you aren't supposed to go longer than that using the gentle herbs for short cycles) each time and it felt so relaxing and soothing. It's like I was being nurtured and comforted. Which in a way I was, I was nurturing my feminine essence, I was comforting my inner self, and I was honoring and caring for my cycle and my female being. It was a great way to practice meditation while also caring for and nurturing myself. Other great benefits of steaming that I noticed, besides the relaxation and soothing feeling, is that it connects you deeply with your body, it enhances sexual energy and sensuality, it brings you closer to your Divine self, and brings you into connection with your feminine essence more fully. I really felt juicy, feminine, open, and radiant afterwards. Every time I steamed.

It was such a wonderful feeling that I know I will continue to do this practice from here on out, even with my cycle almost instantly going back to a normal length, I want to also eliminate the cramps and pain often associated with my period, I want to have easy flowing periods, (not super heavy) I want to have periods that last only four days and no longer going for five or six, which has also happened to me in the the past. I want to heal my inner wounds that are residual and hanging out in my body from the trauma I experienced as a young girl, and come fully into my feminine grace and power. I want to take charge of my healing in all ways and this is an amazing practice to add to that healing, inside and out. That is what I plan to do with the continuation of this steaming practice.

Have any of you tried yoni steaming?

What were your experiences like?

Or are you interested in trying it, but don't know where to start?

Do you have any questions for me regarding this practice?

Please comment and share below.

Blessings beautiful souls, feminine beings.

With Love.

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