No One Can Make You Feel Worthy but Yourself

The way you feel about yourself, the way you look at yourself, and the way you speak to yourself are all the things that you believe about yourself. If you feel good about who you are and how you look, if you look at yourself with a positive light, and speak kindly to yourself then that is great and you will likely feel pretty worthy in life. However if those feelings, words, and beliefs are negative, and you believe that you are not worthy, then that is how you will feel no matter what others think or believe about you. No matter how others feel about you. Even when others really love and care for you, you wont be able to fully feel it or believe it when you feel unworthy deep inside. You wont even be able to see yourself the way others see you because of these deep seeded negative beliefs.

That is why it is so important to shift your beliefs and ask yourself "is this true?" What I mean by that is when a negative belief comes up for you stop and ask yourself, is this true? Is it true that you are unworthy? Not at all. Are any of these negative beliefs true? Nope. The first thing is to notice the beliefs and the negative self talk, then it's time to call them out and let them know that they are not true. They are likely just something you took on as a child from others, or something someone else may have told you about yourself and you chose to believe it as true, but just because it's been said to you doesn't make it valid. Instead choose for yourself what you make valid and true in your life, and leave the rest behind. You owe it to yourself.

Talk kindly to yourself, don't beat yourself up so much anymore. Notice when the negative Nancy comes into your head and tell her she can't live there anymore. You are an amazing, beautiful, radiant light and are worthy of great things in this life. You just have to start believing that to be true, and I know it's hard at first, especially when you have lived your life from some really negative belief systems.

It's about creating a new habit, therefore even if you don't believe the positive statements initially, that's okay, it's more about the practice of positive thinking and using positive words at first, as you continue with the practice and make it a new habit, the beliefs start to come in and that is when it becomes your new "normal." Then it'll just be your usual to think positively and say nice things to yourself, about yourself and you will start to feel better in your own skin. You will start to believe in yourself and trust yourself more. Life will become richer and more vibrant. As you shift your mindset to a more positive one all things in your life improve. You will also start to believe all those great things others have been saying about you all this time that you just couldn't see when you were stuck in the old negative belief system, now you see the truth, your truth, the truth of you that is beautiful, radiant, and divine.

Blessings to you dear ones.

May you all find peace, love, and light within as you heal and shift your mindset.

~ With Love ~


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