Choose Relationship

The ability to commit to a relationship is possibly one of the hardest things we will ever do. It's not easy to trust another person with your heart so much that you commit fully no matter what is going on, or what has gone on in the past. Choosing relationship over all else, is one of the steps towards being able to commit to a relationship.

What I mean by that is that you choose relationship over a fight, you choose relationship over disagreements or other conflict that may be experienced within the relationship. You choose the relationship over family, and not allow your family to interfere with your love life. You not only choose the relationship, you choose each other always. That is a huge part of commitment. It's not about you vs. them, it's about you two as a couple. It's about finding common ground and finding what outcome works for you both as a couple, instead of each of you as individuals. When it comes to being true to the relationship, hold that relationship as priority one.

If one wants to be in relationship long term, one must choose relationship, one must commit to the relationship as a whole, and trust in the relationship. Most especially when things get hard within the relationship. Those hard times are what makes the relationship strong and builds bonds that last over time. So allow the hard times to come, but choose the relationship over the obstacles.

It is so easy to want to walk away when things get tough, or let it all go because you can't seem to agree on anything. But that is just the easy way out, the only way to where you want to be in long term relationship is through. You wont get to where you want to be by leaving the relationship, you must go through the hard times, and you will find yourself and your partner together and more connected in the end when you get through it as a couple and stay true to each other and the relationship.

Relationships aren't easy, they start off nice and appealing, but life happens and can change everything if you let it, but it can also bring you closer together if you go through it right. Be open to each other, love each other no matter what, find compassion and understanding for one another, and have faith that the relationship is meant to be, even through the hard times.

Now I am not saying stay in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, not at all, if you have read my other posts you will know that I am all about leaving and releasing a relationship that isn't right for you or doesn't feel good. What I AM saying here is that if you are in a healthy relationship don't allow the disagreements or arguments that arise keep you from being together, don't let it put a wedge between what you have together simply because you don't always see eye to eye. Realize that you aren't always going to see eye to eye and know that it's okay when you don't. Get through the disagreement or "fight" in a healthy way that honors you, your partner, and your relationship. That way you come out stronger together in the end, instead of feeling resentful and hurt wondering what happened to the relationship.

Choosing relationship is about staying true to who you are and what you really want. And if what you really want is a long lasting, loving, and connected relationship then I suggest you commit to having that relationship and doing whatever it takes to ensure that it grows and evolves with you both. This goes for both partners as well, you can't have one choosing relationship while the other doesn't seem to care and chooses everything else, you can't have a healthy relationship when one partner is doing everything to make it work and the other doesn't. It takes two. So I hope you have a partner that is worth fighting for and the way you know that is when you see them fighting for you at the same time.

Often times it becomes obvious that the only reason you are fighting about something is because you do care, you both care about the relationship and you both want it to go well, and since you both want it to turn out right you fight for it, and sometimes that looks like fighting with each other. It's all about how you get through the fights that determines what the outcome of the relationship will be in the long run.

What do you think?

Have any of you been through similar times with your significant other?

Did it make you stronger or did it end?

Blessings to all you beautiful souls.

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