The Perception of Perfection

The reason that nothing is perfect is because perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder. What I mean by that is that each person has their own idea or perception of what perfection is and what it should look like. That is different for everyone, therefore perfection is simply a perceived notion that people build up in their heads. Why this is important is because in knowing this you can start to give yourself some slack and understand that perfection is not what you should be striving for, but being the best version of yourself instead. The best version of you is simply the most authentic version and that too looks different for each and every one of us.

Be open and willing to really get to know yourself, find out what you love and what you hate, find out what lights you up and what brings you down, look at your talents and interests, be also willing to look at your darkness and perceived faults. Sometimes what we see as a fault in ourselves could actually be a blessing in disguise. Others may see it as a gift, so be open to seeing it yourself in that way.

Getting away from the perception of perfection is about honoring who you are just as you are. Learn to love yourself exactly as you are, right now, from this moment on. Let go of what you see as perfection or the lack of it within you, let go of what others think you should do or be, and let go of anything that isn't really YOU. That is when you can start to just be you and shine your light brightly no matter what it looks like, no matter what others think or say. Their perceptions are their own, they have nothing to do with you. So let it all go and show up as your best self in whatever way you can.

Be brave and break out of your shell. Become your own best friend, commit to yourself first, love yourself first, and be true to who you are in all the little ways that make you, YOU.

What do you all think?

Can you do this?

If you feel like you can't what is stopping you?

How does this make you feel?

Do you need help finding yourself and tapping into your authenticity?

I am here to help.

Blessings beautiful ones.

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