Trust - Why it's so important

Trust, it seems simple enough, but how many of us these days have a really hard time with it? How many of you have a hard time not only trusting others, but also yourself? Have you ever thought about that one? Often times when we have trust issues part of the problem is a lack of trust within ourselves. We don't trust ourselves with decision making, or with other people, and we assume that it's that other thing that is untrustworthy. Whether it's some decision we are uncertain about or a person in our lives, for whatever reason we distrust what we perceive it to be. What is actually going on inside though is that we don't feel safe, with whatever it is, and therefore are unable to fully trust, in ourselves and others. This lack of safety is lent to us based on fear and makes us unable to trust in what will or could be. This is also a lack of faith. Faith is just another term for trust. When you have faith you trust that everything is going to work out fine no matter what and you TRUST that faith.

Why is all of this important? Well if you don't trust yourself or another then you can't have a fully functioning relationship with yourself or others. That is because you are running off a program of fear instead of trust. Trust and fear are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, therefore if you are living from a place of fear, then you are likely unable to trust. If you are unable to trust then you are not fully able to show up in a relationship with another. If you are unable to have faith in who you are, in your relationships and how they will turn out, in your life in general then you are living a life of fear, doubt, and uncertainty which only fuels the fear and keeps the trust and faith at bay. That is not how you should want to live, it certainly isn't what I would hope for you or myself.

Love yourself enough to trust. Trust in yourself, trust in your decisions, trust that you are safe no matter what, trust that you choose good people to be around, trust that you are able to use proper discernment in your decisions, whether it's about your career, a relationship, where you want to live, or how you want to live your life. If for any reason you don't feel able to do that alone, I am here to help. I can help you figure out what is holding you back, I can help you dive deep within yourself to find what your root core beliefs are and release them so they no longer run the show that is your life.

This is what I want for you dear friends, to trust yourself and life so fully that amazing things happen for you. To trust and have faith that this life is a beautiful thing that is worth living and sharing with others. Knowing that your connections and relationships are happy, healthy, and fulfilling.

Blessings to you all.

With Love.

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