Knowing When it's Time to Take Care of YOU

Often times in life we take on more than we can handle and we expect ourselves to just do it without complaint, we expect ourselves to be wonder woman, or super man and then wonder why we feel so drained and burnt out at the end of it all. We say yes when we deeply want to say no out of obligation or feeling like it's necessary for reciprocation. The harm in all this though is that you aren't being true to yourself and you are just hurting yourself in the long run by depleting your stores instead of restoring them. So now it's time to take care of YOU.

Recognize when you really want to say no to something, decide why that is, and then promptly say no if it is in your best interest to do so regardless of what others have to say about it. This isn't about them, it's about you and how you are feeling. Honor yourself and your feelings by saying what you really want to do. If you want to do it, say yes and do it, however if you don't want to do it, honor yourself by saying no and leaving it at that. You don't owe anyone an excuse, you owe it to yourself to do what is best and right for you in that moment.

Be aware of when you already feel tired, drained, and unable to do certain things and honor that too. Take the time to rest, sleep in on your day off, have some time alone in peace and quiet whenever you get the opportunity, even if just for a few minutes. These little moments add up and will help you start to feel better over time. Take a vacation if you can and allow yourself to really relax. This is about refilling your cup, this is about refueling your spirit, and about investing in your overall well-being.

Notice when you start to feel sick and need to take it easy. Be aware if certain things tend to make you sick too and do your best to not do those things to avoid the consequences. Notice when you start to feel angry or resentful because you've been doing too much and not taking care of yourself. Notice when you get snappy or short with others, that is usually a sign that you need some space and time to recharge. Care for yourself enough to take care of what you need in order to feel your very best.

Starting a practice of self awareness is key to this that way you know when you feel your best and when you are starting to get away from that too. Being aware of what you feel when you do certain things, when you are around certain people, and in certain circumstances. Go for those things that make you feel good overall, and distance yourself from those things that deplete you and make you feel "bad" in any way.

This is not being selfish, this is being self aware and self loving. We all need more self love these days. So many of us don't take care of ourselves, don't fully love ourselves enough to do these practices and end up feeling like crap overall. The bottom line here is that there are negative belief systems running the show, often when we don't take care of ourselves it's because we believe any number of things such as: we are unworthy, we aren't good enough, we don't deserve it, and so much more. Sound familiar? Well don't allow those beliefs to rule your life anymore, you do deserve it, you are so much more worthy than you realize, and we were all born "enough."

Start to tap into yourself and get to know what makes you feel good and recharged, do more of that when you can. Schedule it in if you have to, just to make sure you implement it. Then notice those things that don't feel so good and do less of that, and learn to honor yourself enough to say no when you need to, to cancel plans if you have too much on your plate, and take care of YOU.

Blessings all you beautiful souls. With love.

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