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April 24, 2020

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Trust and Have Faith

October 15, 2018

I have started a new practice that I now call "Trust and Have Faith." Since it has been working so effectively for me I decided I wanted to share it with you all so you can gain benefit from it too. The basics are that whenever you have negative beliefs or perceptions pop up, you release them immediately and fill it in with trust and faith. In doing this I have started to feel more at peace and no longer allow those negative or hurtful perceptions to even effect me anymore. Since I am now able to delete and clear them right away and fill it in with something positive and good, it releases all that negativity and opens me and my life up to the goodness that life and the universe has to offer.


So here's an example: Let's say you have just started dating someone new and have been talking regularly for a couple weeks then all of a sudden one day they go without contacting you. Now that in itself is totally fine and okay, they

may just have gotten busy, but how you feel about it depends on your beliefs and perceptions. You may believe that they are changing their mind, or that they are seeing someone else, and so much more. But instead of running off that faulty system, you can instead delete it and clear it as soon as it comes up. So what I say either out loud or in my head, is "I delete that and clear that, releasing it now." Whatever it is. And use this any time any kind of negativity or false perceptions come up. Any thoughts or beliefs that don't feel good or right fall into this. Then I repeat as many times as I need to "Trust and Have Faith" or "What would it take for me to completely trust and have faith?" Sometimes we need to ask it as a question when first starting out, especially if we have a hard time trusting and keeping the faith, but once you continue with this practice more and more it becomes easier and more natural to be trusting and have faith in the process. Which in turn is calming, relaxing, and brings peace within and without. 


Trust and have faith,

Know that everything is going to be just fine no matter what you are feeling or believing in that moment.

Trust and have faith,

Know that your beliefs and perceptions are not reality.

Trust and have faith,

Know that the universe wants to bring you amazing wonderful things and you do deserve them.

Trust and have faith,

That no matter what is going on around you life is good and the world is a safe and beautiful place.

Trust and have faith,

There are always good people in the world, there are always those willing to help others, and there are always those who love fully and wholeheartedly even if you have never experienced it yourself as of yet. 

Trust and have faith,

That good things can and will happen for you.

Trust and have faith,

That you are worth it, you are worthy, and great things are coming your way.

Trust and have faith,

That your life can and will improve, all you have to do is make that choice and act upon it.

Trust and have faith,

That the people in your life are good people, that no one really wants to do you wrong, people are generally good and have the best intentions in mind, even if misconstrued at times.

Trust and have faith,

That life will work out well for you.

Trust and have faith,

This is an amazing beautiful life that only you can do.

Trust and have faith,

That you can and will be YOU.

And so much more...


Trust and have faith, 

What would it take for you to completely trust and have faith?
What would it take for you to take a chance on yourself and give this practice a try?

What would it take for you to be your best self no matter what that looks like?
What would it take for you to trust and have faith in yourself?

Blessings beautiful souls. 


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