If it's meant to be, it will be no matter what.

I just had this thought come to me in regards to some recent events that have come up in my life and have realized more fully that it really is true, if it's meant to be, it will be no matter what. Of course you have to know that it's meant to be and make sure you don't allow anything to sabotage it.

Here is what I mean, when you know you are meant to be with someone and certain things come up that could have caused it to end for whatever reason, but neither you nor them allow those things to come in the way of your relationship. You talk it out, you work it out, you believe in each other and your relationship and you naturally do what is best and right for the relationship. And why do you do that? Because you know in your heart that it's meant to be and you wont allow anything to prevent it from being what it is meant to be.

That is also where choosing love and choosing relationship come in as well as trusting in the process. Which is something we are still working on together and within ourselves individually. That is why sometimes things do come up. Because we are both still learning how to navigate this relationship and we are also working on trusting not only each other, but also ourselves in the process.

Everything in life is a process and relationships are no different. So allow yourself to trust and have faith in the process, allow yourself and your significant other to make mistakes, but don't hold a grudge against them for it and make sure you work it out in healthy ways that will build more trust and create a stronger bond each time. Things are going to come up in our lives. Things are going to disrupt our seemingly happy connections at times. It's all part of being human and living this life on Earth. The key here is to make sure you honor yourself and the people in your life. Trust and have faith in yourself and all others. Allow yourself to fully and openly love, no matter how hard or scary it gets at times. And make sure you always make amends and let those people in your life know you love and care about them. Most especially when things come up that could cause a rift.

You can get through it stronger and happier on the other side. You just have to stay true to one another and to the relationship knowing that it's meant to be and knowing that love means everything. At least that is how I believe it to be.

Everything really does happen for a reason, even the "hard" things. They come up as a challenge and a test so to speak, so we can learn and grow from them. They come up so we can work through them with others and build stronger bonds and connections. They come up so we can heal them and transcend them and lead happier lives together.

So blessings to you all as you navigate your own relationships and the things that come up within them. Just know that things will and can turn out better in the end. And often times certain things really are meant to be and you can make it so by choosing love, choosing faith, and choosing relationship over whatever is seemingly the "problem." Problems are meant to be solved and as you learn to get through them in healthy ways that honor and bless your relationship, instead of causing it to end, you get better and better at it and life feels pretty darn good.

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