Life With Lyme Disease #6 Road Trips

When you have something that effects your body in a multitude of ways and you decide to go on a road trip that ride in the car is going to effect you in a multitude of ways as well. Just recently my boyfriend and I took a quick trip down to Portland, OR which is about a six hour drive one way from where I am presently living. The ride down there wasn't too bad initially. I felt a little stiff and sore, but nothing too bad. However the very next day we drove back and when we got home I felt like I had been run over.

I took a nice long, hot, salt bath that night before going to bed. I even slept really good and slept in pretty late on top of that, but when I woke up it was excruciating, my back hurt so bad, my butt felt like I had done a million squats, and my abs felt like I had done a million crunches, and the backs of my calves felt like I had been walking for miles. All of this from riding in the car for six hours two days in a row. That's twelve hours total in a short period of time.

I found out the hard way that my body doesn't do so well with long road trips. I mean in all actuality my body has a hard time with shorter road trips, but this was something else entirely. I felt like a wreck. Not my favorite feeling to be sure and it is also taking me days to recover. We have been back for two days now and I am still feeling the effects. Even taking another epsom salt bath last night before bed and still sleeping really well last night, my body is still like "Oh gawd what did you do to me!!!" I am hoping to do some gentle yoga today just to stretch things out a bit and will take another salt bath tonight and see where I am at tomorrow. But dang, my body just can't recover from things like it used to, it also just can't do things like it used to without after effects. Oh well, it's still a learning curve sometimes for me to see what my body can and cannot handle.

Time to go rest and take care of myself. We'll see how long it takes for me to fully recover and it'll just be something to keep in mind when considering another road trip.

Blessings to you all and those of you who are going through similar realizations about your physical limitations and current abilities. It's rough sometimes to find that your body can't do what you feel in your mind you can.

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