An Upsetting Conundrum - Doreen Virtue

So, many of you may be aware that not only has Doreen Virtue renounced everything that she used to be about, she has just recently published a blog post with a list from A-Z of all the New Age things that are "bad, evil, or wrong" and why. (As of January 21, 2019) And it's rather saddening to say the least. I fear that it will hurt people who are on a path of enlightenment and trying to better themselves and their lives into believing such harshness and hurtfulness if they come across her work and look into what she's doing now. I honestly don't know how she got so thoroughly convinced that everything she did and once believed in was wrong and demonic, but it's quite frightening that it has happened.

I must admit that I once followed her work. I purchased many of her oracle decks and even took her online version of the Angel Intuitive Course she offered through Hay House. I am glad for what those teachings did for me in helping me to open up more fully to the angelic realm and connect with my spirit guides more fully. I love using oracle decks, and actually used many others before I came to know her work and will continue to do so. I have however chosen to donate or sell any of her decks and books I may still have due to this harsh energy she has now put into the world. I don't resonate with that and don't want to be connected with it in anyway.

Even the college I went to for my degree in Mind Body Transformational Psychology had some of her books and decks for sale in the school book store and I hope that they find someone else who better represents what the school, their alumni, and students are about, because Doreen Virtue just posted a blog post that says everything we do at the school is "evil" or "demonic." That just isn't right and can be quite detrimental to those students who are just now finding their way.

After finding out about this new post she has shared claiming such things as Mindfulness, Empowerment, Shamanism, Oracle Reading, and so much more, as demonic and possession of the devil I cannot in good faith recommend her work anymore. In my book "Thriving After Diagnosis, Instead of Merely Surviving" I mention Doreen as someone to look into if you want to know more about connecting with the Angels. But now that she sees them as "bad" and "evil" and states that you can only go to Jesus, I cannot with good conscience suggest her work as a positive place to go to.

Now I am by no means against Jesus in any way. I have called upon him for healing a time or two and he's happy to help. He is also a forgiving and compassionate energy who loves all beings no matter what. He is accepting and loving. I must say that her blog post is not. Also I know that as a spiritual being on this earth having a human experience, we all have free will, we all have freedom of choice, therefore we can each choose for ourselves what beliefs and practices resonate and work best for us. I also do not agree with anything she says in that post, knowing full well that none of it is evil, bad, wrong or demonic in any way shape or form. The only way any of those things can be made negative like that is if the person practicing any of those things has ill intentions behind their actions. If your intent is good will towards all, for the good of all, and through love, then those practices are healthy, healing, practical, and helpful.

We are all free to have our own opinions, thoughts, and beliefs about all of these things and those are just what hers are now. The reason it's such a big deal is because she used to do all of those practices, she used to represent the New Age movement so to speak, and now she's going against it all. So it's just a bit of a shocker and has many of us in an uproar wondering what really happened. I believe also that she is fully aware of the backlash that she will get from this new found information that she has shared and feels that sharing it is still what is best and right based on her own personal beliefs as of now. And she has every right to do so if she chooses. You don't have to agree with it. Just as I don't.

I feel that someone who is on a true healing path of light and love, who has done the inner work, had experiences with the dark night of the soul, and done shadow work, to come out on the other side to the light, they would not be putting any of their beliefs onto others in such a harsh way. They would be above that and would instead be out in the world sharing love, peace, and light.

I will close in saying I bless Doreen Virtue in pure love and light. I bless her with purified source energy, and I wish her the best on her path and hope she finds a way towards true healing. I feel that is what all of us are searching for anyway. No matter what path you choose to get there.

What are your thoughts about all this?

How were you affected by this shift and change if at all?

I am curious how many of you had a similar experience with this new found knowledge and awareness?

Blessings everyone.

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