The Key to a Woman's Heart - Make Her Feel Desired

This is such a simple concept, yet so many seem to let it fall to the wayside and wonder why their lady isn't acting the way she used to. She may be stressed, feeling depressed, and any number of other things. And perhaps you were really good at making her feel desired in the beginning of the relationship, but somewhere along the way you dropped the ball and let it go. Assuming that she just "knows" that you love her, care for her, and desire her. That is the worst thing you can do. A woman needs to feel desired by her significant other. The way she feels desired is by her significant other expressing that desire for her. It's not just physical and sexual desire either. She needs to feel important, like she matters to her significant other. Like she matters in life.

In order to fully thrive a woman needs to feel like her contributions matter and are appreciated. Expressing appreciation will get you far with any woman. Not only that, but she needs to feel wanted, desired, loved, cared for, valued, desirable, lovable, and cherished. Compliment her and really mean it. Tell her what she means to you, don't just expect her to "know it." Even if she "knows" mentally, that does not trigger the feelings in her, and triggering pleasurable feelings is what makes her blossom and light up. Feeling those feelings is what makes her shine and feel her best. It boosts confidence and all those feel good hormones, which also makes her more interested in sex and intimacy. If she feels all these things and feels close and connected to her significant other through these expressions, sex will just be the next natural thing to come from it, as long as there are no health issues or hormone imbalances that effect her of course.

I am sharing this because more and more relationships would feel better connected and more fulfilling if these things happened consistently and everyone felt good in the relationship. It is possible. It just takes practice, and then creating new habits, so it becomes a part of your every day life.

Tell her that you miss her.

Tell her that you want to hold her close in your arms.

Tell her that she looks amazing, nice, beautiful, pretty, ect.

Tell her what you love about her.

Tell her what makes her so special to you.

Tell her that you appreciate all that she does, even the little things like cooking and cleaning, and so forth.

Tell her you love her, care for her, value her, appreciate her, and more.

Hold her, kiss her, take her hand, be affectionate.

Let her know that you crave her, her scent, her touch, her kiss, and anything else.

Make her feel like she matters and that you are thinking of her in positive pleasurable ways.

Anything that you can think of to share about her that is positive and good, express that to her.

Do things that make her smile.

Find out what her love language is and do more to enhance it in your relationship.

Women need to feel desired. Men need to feel respected. So if you are in a relationship with a woman do what you can to show her and express to her that you desire her and that she matters to you in a multitude of ways. If you are in a relationship with a man make him feel respected, express to him that you appreciate what he does to provide and take care of you. All of these things will go a long way to boost morale in a relationship and create stronger bonds and connection which is the whole point of relationship anyway. To have a close bond and connection with another human being that feels special and fulfilling.

What are your thoughts?

What things do you say or express to show your significant other that they matter?

Blessings all.

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