We Attract What We Are

We all attract to us that which we are, but what exactly does that mean? All the situations and circumstances that happen in our lives we attract through these things: our belief systems, our feelings (often feelings of unworthiness or non deserving,) past experiences that effected us on a deep level, repeat life patterns, childhood programming, past traumas, and fears.

Whatever we believe about ourselves and about life in general is what we will attract into our lives. What we feel repeatedly over and over again inside, is what we attract which is more of those things that causes those feelings. Anything from our past that still lives within us today, such as something hurtful that was said to you that you then internalized as "truth" and it still effects you today in everything you do, and this can be something someone did or said, or just something you experienced on a deep level which caused an internalization of a false belief. That brings us to repeat life patterns. If you notice patterns in your life that you keep repeating, such as not being able to hold down a job, or dating the same type of person over and over again, or just experience the same kinds of things over and over no matter what you change, these things are going to continue because they are trying to tell you something. (More on that later.) I have already done a few blog posts in regards to childhood programming, but the base of it for the purpose of this post is that everything you experienced as a child is your programming. If much of your programming was negative and hurtful then that is going to effect you today in negative and hurtful ways. Past traumas obviously are a big one and most of us who have any kind of traumas in our lives know that you experience PTSD from it and often times when a situation or scenario comes up that reminds you of the trauma that PTSD kicks in and you then respond from a place of fear( from what happened in the past) instead of being able to see it for what it really is now in the present moment. That brings us to the last thing on my list (though it certainly isn't the last thing that could be affecting you today.) Fears. Fear can come up for so many reasons it would be hard for me to describe them all to you in this post. But just make note that our internal fears whether fully known or unknown to us can wreck havok on our lives if we continue to allow them to. They are there for our protection, but unfortunately you no longer need protecting from those things now as an adult, yet the fears can still grip you today.

So, now that you know all this, what can you do about it? Allow them to tell you what they need to tell you. These things are telling you something about yourself, about your past, and about your beliefs and feelings. The first thing is awareness. Just by reading this post you are gaining awareness into these things within you. Once you gain the awareness you must then have courage enough to face these things within you, allow them to be seen and heard, basically you must face your fears head on. Now that is the part most people have a hard time with. Because it can be painful, it's scary, and it makes us uncomfortable. The reason they are still effecting you today is because they want to be seen and need to be heard in order to shift and be released. If you fail to do this they will continue to plague your life until you do. That is why repeat life patterns happen, they repeat themselves until you heal the wounds that originally caused them in your life. This goes with everything else I shared as well. These things must be healed and transformed so you can lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

After you take a look at what is really showing up in your life and what is really going on within yourself and allow it to be seen and heard, you can then let them go knowing that they are no longer a part of your reality. Know that these things are not true anymore if ever they were. Then shift into a more positive mindset. I have many blog posts that help with the transition after the awareness so please check them out.

Did this help you at all?

What kind of realization did you get here?

I am here to help.

Please comment and share.

Blessings to you all.

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