Have Acne? Get Collagen

For anyone dealing with acne, especially adult acne it can be discouraging at times. Having your face and sometimes other parts of your body covered in acne feels terrible. Not only does it physically hurt sometimes, but it hurts your self esteem and self image and makes you just feel yucky. I know, I have dealt with it myself, that is until I started drinking bone broth regularly.

The funny thing is that I started using bone broth to heal my digestive system and also knew that it would be highly beneficial for my joints, but there was one other effect that I was not expecting and that was healthy glowing skin. You see bone broth is chock full of collagen, and collagen is what makes your skin healthy and happy. I noticed it after drinking a cup of bone broth every day for about a month, I wasn't breaking out anymore. Or if I did it was just right before my period and was very mild compared to how it used to be. I would get maybe one or two small blemishes and they would subside rather quickly.

I have been drinking bone broth daily now for just over a year and my skin has never looked better I swear. It feels good and looks healthy and glowing. I am 37 years old and look 15 years younger. Not that I ever have looked my age, people have always thought I was younger than I am, but now my skin is following in those footsteps. So for anyone with acne, in this case, adult acne, I would highly recommend trying to add collagen into your daily routine somehow. You can do it through bone broth like I have, but there are other options as well if that doesn't sound appealing. There are supplements you can get, collagen protein powders, and more. So do your research and find a form that feels right for you to try and see what results you get. It doesn't hurt to try.

Collagen isn't just for your skin either, as I mentioned it's beneficial for your digestive system and joints. It's also good for your bones, hair, nails, all connective tissues, and all organs. It's a win win for you and your body. Blessings all.

Have you tried collagen?

What benefits did you get from it? Please comment and share below.

Thank you!

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