To the Man Who is Brave Enough to Want Forever.

To the man who wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

To the man who is brave enough to want forever and want it with me.

The man who loves me, cherishes me, and is so very good to me.

To the man I am going to marry.

I don't do surface level relationships, I want to get down deep.

I want to know you, ALL of you.

I want to know your biggest fears, and your biggest dreams.

I want to know the world you came from and the world you want to create.

I want to know what brings you joy and what makes you angry.

I want to know what passions live inside you.

I want to know your experiences and what they have taught you.

I want to know what makes you tick.

I want to know what lights you up inside and inspires you.

I want to know everything.

I want to see you, ALL of you, just as you are, inside and out.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Even those things you may perceive as faults or indiscretions.

I want to know your past, your present, and your desires for the future.

I want to know your supposed mistakes and the lessons that came from them.

I want to know what drives you, what makes you want to be a better man?

What makes you want to be the best man you can be?

No matter what it is I want to know, because it is YOU.

I want to know all your favorites and your dislikes.

I want to know who you once were, who you are now, and who you have yet to become.

I want to know you to the deepest part of you.

I want to know you on a soul level. What is the spirit that lives within you?

Will you share it with me?

I will challenge you, I want to see if you are man enough to take on the challenge.

I will show you how to see things differently and share different points of view.

I will challenge your way of being and old belief systems.

I will trigger you at times and you will trigger me too.

I will stay by your side and walk through it with you, if you are willing to do it too.

Are you willing to take a chance? On yourself and on me?

Are you willing to forgive yourself for the past and allow love in more fully?

Are you able to embrace yourself fully and allow others to do the same?

I will support you and encourage you.

I will be your cheerleader always on your side.

I will be your safe haven.

I will be your sanctuary.

I will be your home.

Free of judgement.

I will love you.

I will love you so fully and so completely you wont even begin to know the depth of the love I can have for you.

I will love all of you, just as you are.

That is why I want to know all of you and all that makes you YOU.

So I can love you for all that you are.

So I can fully love and accept you in every capacity.

For YOU.

And even though it scares me and may likely scare you too we go all in anyway.

It is scary to give someone your heart not knowing for sure how they will treat it.

It is scary to trust and have faith that everything will work out, even when it gets hard.

It is scary to trust and have faith in the love that you share.

When that other person could so easily hurt you and wound you, you trust that they wont.

Can you handle all that?

Can you feel the fear and trust that we will cherish each other's hearts anyway?

Are you able to return such love and devotion?

Can you take on the challenge and take a chance on us?

Knowing it will get hard at times, knowing that it wont always be easy, knowing that we will at some point hurt each other's feelings or push each other's buttons?

I will love you anyway, will you love me too?

I sure hope so, for that is the only way I will marry.

And then we'll have the rest of our lives to learn all these things about each other.

For I know and understand that these things take time, effort, patience, and understanding.

I am willing to take it on if you are.

We must love each other enough to get through whatever this life throws in front of us. Even when it hurts us and even when it comes from one of us.

To the man I am going to marry, you are so lucky to have a chance with a woman like me.

Do you realize how much?

Do you realize how rich your life will be with me?

Are you ready for that?

Make sure you are and the rest will just fall into place.

Blessings to all.

I can't wait for my perfect partner and I to come more fully together.

I am so excited!!!

I feel so deeply loved and cherished.

I am so blessed!!!

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