Tonight's Full Moon Energy: Making Way for a New Paradigm.

Well here we are folks, the August 2019 Full Moon and the energies are exciting.

You may be feeling all kinds of things right now.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You feel extra sensitive right now.

You may get tired easier or just be feeling lethargic or exhausted more than usual.

You are becoming more aware of your thoughts and belief systems and are ready to let them go now more than ever.

Lots of "stuff" seems to be going on in your life all at once, or things haven't been falling right into place as you would have liked.

And so many other things too.

What is going on right now is a huge paradigm shift on the planet and everyone is feeling it on some level whether they realize it or not. Things are shifting in good and powerful ways and that stirs things up for most people. Just know that it's okay and it will soon pass and once it does amazing things are about to happen.

After the shift of this full moon positive changes are on the horizon.

Things will start to fall into place.

You will start healing your past and move forward in your life.

New opportunities will present themselves to you.

New life experiences will begin to happen.

Healing your life will happen at a more rapid pace.

There is likely so much more than I can even articulate to right now for everyone's experience will be different and there are unlimited possibilities to what may come. Be open to it and bless yourself and others on the way.

Blessing all. Happy Full Moon.

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