What are you thankful for this year?

It's that time of year again, Thanksgiving here in the USA.

We should all be expressing our gratitude and thankfulness all year long, but this is a great time for a reminder. Sometimes it's easy to loose track of a gratitude practice, life gets in the way, everyone is so busy, and we can forget. It is, however, so important to get back on track and start listing and remembering what you are grateful and thankful for in your life. From the big things, to the tiny minuscule things that we often take for granted. Be thankful for them all.

Here is my list of things I am thankful for this year:

My friends and family.

My parents who love and care for me.

Living in a beautiful area.

Living in the country.

Being able to connect with nature on a daily basis.

My pets.

All the love I have in my life.

All the joy I share with others.

Energy healing, clearing, and practices.

My guides and angels.

Dragons, unicorns, witches, and magic.

A roof over my head, a warm bed, a wood fire, healthy food, and fresh, clean water.

My yoga practice, learning belly dance and poi spinning.

Being more active.

Getting outside as much as I can.

Working a job that I enjoy that also affords me the time to do things I love and be outdoors often.

Taking walks along the lake.

The vehicle I was given to use so I have a way to get around.

A good man who loves me.

My friends Christina, Bri, and Sue, you have been the best. Love you all!!!

Oracle cards and my intuitive abilities.

Honoring myself and my abilities.

Having two books published.

The starting of my novel. Almost 300 pages written. To be announced when finished.

Taking the opportunity to do a boudoir photo shoot and having amazing photos just for myself as an act of self love.

Doing more things out of self love and self care.

Making choices that feel good and right for me.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving, you can still express gratitude for things in your life, so ask yourself, what am I thankful for this year?

Blessings all, and much love.

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