Make Sure Your Loved Ones Know How Much They Mean to YOU

For those of us who celebrate, it is Christmas day. So before I begin, Merry Christmas to all, many blessings and much love to you on this day and every day. It is a time for holiday gatherings and often coming together with family and friends.

As I was waking up this morning, Christmas morning, I was thinking about the topic for today's blog post. Making sure your loved ones know how much they mean to you is something to be mindful of all the time, but it's really good to remember at Christmas. It's easy to forget to share that one simple thing, but it's so very important and valuable to your loved ones. And for you as well. We never know how much time we have here on Earth, and we don't know what could happen from one moment to the next, so it's a good practice to get into, sharing with others and letting them know how you really feel before it's too late. Things can end in a split second so make sure your loved ones know you care.

Make sure your loved ones know how much they mean to you.

Let them know you love them, not just with words, but also with actions.

Engage with them in something they are passionate about, or at least be open and willing to really listen to them share about it, even if it's not YOUR thing.

Show up for them when they need you.

Follow through on your words.

Be there for them, be present, and be there in person whenever you can.

Connect with them regularly.

Show them that they matter, show them that you care, make sure they feel loved by you.

Ask them what makes them feel loved, appreciated, and valued, and do some of those things for them when you can.

Let them know that they matter, that they are enough and are perfect just as they are, even if you don't always think they are, and share that they are an important part of your life.

Don't just do the same things you may have always done because you "think" they should already know you love them and "should" already feel like you care. It doesn't always work that way. You need to show people they matter in ways that makes them feel like they matter and that's different for everyone, so make sure you know what makes your loved ones feel loved and do those things because you DO care.

We create new habits by repeating them over and over for at least 21 days consecutively. So I suggest you start today and do one thing every day for someone you love to ensure they know you care and they matter to you. Do it for at least 21 days straight, but if you could continue to go on past the 21 day mark, that's even better.

We all want to feel important and want to know that we are loved. We all want to be cared for and know that there are those in our lives who are there for us. We all want to feel like we belong, like we matter, and to know that we are appreciated for who we are and the things we do.

Now, this isn't just for Christmas and holidays either, this is just your friendly reminder at Christmas since many of us will be spending time with family and other loved ones at this time of year. This is something to engage in regularly throughout your life. This is a great time to be consciously aware of it so you may make it into a lifestyle.

Many blessings and much love to you all on this beautiful Christmas day.


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