How My Cat Supports Me in My Healing Journey

A while back I did a blog post about how my cat helps keep me present, but just recently I have found that she does so much more than that for me in regards to my healing. Any time I am in pain, whether it's physical pain or emotional pain, she is there for me. She either curls up next to me, or lays long ways down my chest and tucks her head into my chin, and starts purring. As soon as she does that I calm, I relax. I have found that she regulates my nervous system better and faster than anything else I have ever tried and this came about by accident. Wherein I wasn't trying to get this result from my cat, I just noticed this was a positive benefit of my cat being near me.

The other day I was working with an energy healer who was taking me through a process, this was all done online, so I was at home and I was struggling for a moment to move forward in the process until my cat curled up next to me and started purring. I put my hand on her, feeling her presence more fully which made me feel more calm and relaxed, so I could go more fully into the process and feel able to receive the benefits and healing from that process. It was amazing how her presence helped me so much without me having to ask or "try" and get it from her. I think she could sense something within me, knowing that I needed her comforting presence, and she curled up next to me and gave it, which helped me get through it and it felt wonderful.

A few nights ago I was going though a tough time and was experiencing some emotional turmoil. I was crying and sobbing uncontrollably. I was laying on the floor, and my cat jumped off the bed, crawled up onto my chest, and snuggled me with her purring, and almost instantly I calmed and relaxed, my breathing started to regulate and become slow and steady again, my crying slowly relaxed and subsided. I was then able to be present with my emotions and feelings without getting caught up in them again. I realized some hard truths and was then able to admit to myself that those realizations were true, without getting all tangled up in the negative emotions, feeling calmed by the presence of my kitty.

I just notice that when she is near me I feel loved, I feel calm, I feel relaxed, I feel more present and able to just be. I have always called her my little snuggle kitty and that's why. I never fully realized how important that would be to me and my healing until now. Seeing that it goes beyond helping to keep me present, and goes beyond just being a comfort, yet both of those things are greatly important as well. She calms me and regulates me, and that is a blessing.

I am doing some deeper healing work emotionally, and am releasing a lot of old stuff and her presence is helping so much more with that than I had ever thought possible. So for those of you pet lovers out there, they are doing so much more for us than we realize. Make sure you show your pets some extra love today. And if you aren't a pet person, perhaps you can at least see the benefits animals offer to us and our lives.

Blessings all.

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